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Golden egg and accio?
Jirka Kálecký Jirka Sep 18, 2012 08:10AM
Why didn't Harry use the accio spell directly on the egg in the second task? I know it might have been jinxed to protect it against something like this, but he didn't even tried...
What do you think?

I think it may have just been something she didn't think of. I mean, on a similar note, why didn't anyone battling Harry just Accio his glasses?

Julia I think she just means WHENEVER he's battling someone, not necessarily during that task ...more
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Leah Oh I thought you meant that task.
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deleted member Sep 18, 2012 09:33AM   1 vote
They probably told all of the contestants some base rules before they went into the arena. But I don't think Rowling thought it important enough to put into the actual book.

Obviously Hermione would have mentioned the idea to Harry when he told her his idea of using accio to get his broom.

Sorry that's worded weird, I'm on my phone.

I'm thinking that it would have been charmed to not respond to that. Too easy.

Good point. That happens all the time, when you think of some smart idea after you've already completed the task. I guess Harry was just playing to his strengths. He's good at flying, so that's what he did.

I think they said in the book that accio wasn't allowed

Maybe for the same reason Voldemort didn't Accio Harry's clothes he was wearing at the moment to basically drag him to him.

Yeah, I agree with everyone else that the point is hat it would be too easy so JK would've just made it so that couldn't happen. But it's kind of like how in the second task there was all that drama about breathing underwater and neither Harry or Hermione being able to come up with anything, Cedric using bubble-head. But then in the Order of the Phoenix it said somewhere that that everyone's always using the bubble-head charm like it's really obvious because of stink bombs being set off for Umbridge. Anyway, that's probably probing too far and getting lost in details especially seeing as it's not an actual problem so I'll be quiet.

Ooo loopholes are fun! But I have to agree it wouldn't have been much of a challenge. Like when Harry said accio locket. If only it were that easy :)

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