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New Giveaway - Barbara Kingsolvers Upcoming Title

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Christine Everyone, a new giveaway went up for Flight Behavior, Barbara Kingsolvers upcoming title. I loved the book -it really gives you pause.

Check it out!

message 2: by Liesje Leest (new)

Liesje Leest (liesje_leest) | 22 comments That sounds like a really interesting book. Something quite different from what I usually read but it's good to read something different every once in a while.

Christine I felt exactly the same way about it - its not the type of book I would typically choose for myself. I read it for work, and I'm really glad I did. It was an eye-opener.

message 4: by Devina (new)

Devina Dutta | 2 comments It sounds like a great book but it isnt open to India? :(

message 5: by Sheila (new)

Sheila | 2 comments It sounds very interesting, think i'll put it on my ever growing " to read" list :)

message 6: by Jules (new)

Jules (hallate) | 12 comments I can't wait to read it!

message 7: by Juliet (new) - added it

Juliet (jujuzz) Any winner received their book already? I have yet to receive anything and I think Christine is not available recently, so just want to check if it's me or there's some delay in the mail. The previous book I won didn't take so long.

message 8: by Jules (new)

Jules (hallate) | 12 comments I have just received the book!

message 9: by Juliet (new) - added it

Juliet (jujuzz) Still nothing for me yet.

Christine Juliet wrote: "Still nothing for me yet."

Hi Julie, sorry to hear it! I'll check on the shipment tomorrow.

message 11: by Juliet (new) - added it

Juliet (jujuzz) DHL man just delivered the book to me!

Christine Great news! Happy to hear it, Juliet. Our warehouse was shut down bc of the hurricane, so I think that caused delays.

message 13: by Lana (last edited Jan 18, 2013 05:58AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lana I know I'm incredibly late with reviewing but I finally finished the book :) and I wanted to say thank you for giving me a chance to read this one. It really is an eye-opener, even though I wouldn't have picked this one up for myself. It's not something I usually read but I'm glad I got the chance to read it :) So Thank you, Christine!


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