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Francis Franklin (francisjamesfranklin) | 46 comments Please add the following book:

Title: Suzie and the Monsters - a fairytale of blood, sex and inhumanity...
Author / Publisher: Francis James Franklin
Publication date: 17 Sep 2012
Format: Kindle only



WARNING: Explicit sexual content and other adult themes.
WARNING: This is not erotica, it is a vampire story.

Approximate word count: 82,000

Suzie Kew, vengeful vampire, capricious lover, and disciple of the Dark Goddess, is enjoying eternity as a woman of the twenty first century. It's March 2012, London, and Suzie's out for blood, causing mischief as she goes, but her life is about to get very complicated...


Alia and Cleo know what I am, a monster, the stuff of nightmares. I have drunk the blood of my beautiful Alia, and not just a lick, a trickle, but deep hungry devouring. There are moments when I just have to sit and let the tears flow for a while.

'Two weeks ago I had a boyfriend,' Cleo says. 'Bit of a dick, but the sex was okay, based on my admittedly limited experience. I dumped him when I realised I preferred it when he went off playing football. My grades at school are excellent, and I have conditional offers from three universities. The exams shouldn't be a problem. And that was my life, more or less. The only thing I was worrying about was whether my dad would force me to go shopping with his new girlfriend. She's such a pain.' Cleo pauses to finish her sandwich.

'Now I find myself looking at women, wondering whether I am attracted to them. I spend most of my time at school fantasising about sex with you, or with the whole football team, maybe. I'm worried all the time that someone will point at me and say, "I know what you're thinking about, you lesbian slut." I know it's silly,' she waves her hand dismissively, and takes a sip of coffee. 'Last night, my new girlfriend is shot in front of me, and I realise I don't care if I'm lesbian, bisexual or whatever, who knows, I only care that the girl I love is bleeding to death in my arms.

'Except she isn't. She's a vampire.'

'Cleo, Cleo. I drink blood. I shoot men in dark alleys. You've seen this with your own eyes. Why are you even talking to me? Why aren't you home in bed, safe from monsters?'

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Francis Franklin (francisjamesfranklin) | 46 comments Thanks!

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