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message 1: by Brantwijn (new)

Brantwijn Serrah Hello, I'm Brandee (pen name Brantwijn). I've just recently joined because I'm interested in networking with other authors and finding more info on self-publishing. I've just made the decision to self-pub a historical supernatural romance I've written and am very nervous about the process.

I'm primarily an author of supernatural fantasy, though I have branched into erotic romance. Right now it's the romance I'm looking to publish, a story featuring a lady vampire who falls in love with her intended master's courtesan. My other series takes place in another world called Geiral, and blends a bit of wild-west flavor with supernatural magic and Nordic rune lore. I'm hoping to finish that series with the eighth book this November, during National Novel Writing Month. I'm also a big reader of these same genres (no surprise there), and my favorite authors are Stephen King, Jim Butcher, Jennifer Roberson, Brent Weeks, JK Rowling and, most recently, Suzanne Collins (I've absolutely fallen in love with The Hunger Games). I recently met Naomi Novik, Amber Benson and Peter S. Beagle, all authors I also admire, which has been very exciting for me. It was actually Amber Benson who finally convinced me to look into self-publishing.

message 2: by Harrison (new)

Harrison Davies (harrisondavies) | 29 comments Welcome Brandee, feel free to shoot any questions this way and I and others will be happy to assist you through the self-publishing route.



message 3: by Brantwijn (new)

Brantwijn Serrah I think, at this point my biggest question is What Now? The book is finished and polished--I'm never opposed to extra cleanup and edits but I feel confident in its current makeup. I've put in a request for beta readers but no bites there yet... I'm interested in doing my own cover art and have played around with the design a bit, even have a finished potential cover done up and could use some feedback on that. But I have no idea where to go from here?

message 4: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 785 comments Hey Brandee, Welcome! Id be interested in networking with you, sharing ideas and experiences and helping you out with stuff on here and answering any questions u have best I can. I myself have been looking to get some incite from fellow authors so maybe we can help each other out if your interested.

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