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Welcome to the Poseur Hall of Fame everybody! It is here that we take the time to remember and appreciate those with the wonderful talent and bravery of entering a La Poseurs contest- those who have entered, and come out as a winner! Watch your step now, and please, feel free to relish in the awesomeness of the people who have earned their place among Poseur stardom!

And remember, we have no rules against flash photography! Heck, you can touch everything in this place too! POKE IT ALL, CHILDREN!

(*update* Just so we all know, only mods post here! Yikes, I should've made this clear earlier, sorry guys! Love you all! )

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(Don't scratch the mahogany)

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Cheyenne (cheylaraine) | 1882 comments Mod
Congratulations, to our first ever contest winner: the lovely Aprille Legacy! Here is her winning entry:

The clicking of my perky pink heels attracted the other student’s notice like bringing soldiers to attention. They parted to let me through, like a school of fish.

No. Like Moses and the Red Sea – in this school, I was biblical.

As I walked, I heard my name being whispered to those ignorant enough to not know who I was already.

Sarah Jane Jefferies

I smiled to myself as I felt their eyes watching me. It had taken me eight years to scrape my way to the top of the food chain in the public schooling system of South Australia; I was going to enjoy every single second of it.

But today there was a change. Someone new was standing next to my locker, being buffered by the other students. I could almost smell fresh meat.

New girl.

I plastered my best Barbie doll smile on my face, the one I’d been practicing in the mirror so much that it even made me happy to see it.

“Hi,” I said, twisting to a stop in front of her, my ponytail swinging. “Are you new?”

She clutched her books closer to her chest like a shield.

“Yes,” she said, so quietly that I almost didn’t hear. “This is my first day.”

“Well, you’ve got an exciting school time ahead of you,” I grinned my Barbie smile again. Other students were beginning to stop and listen now. “My name is Sarah Jane Jefferies.”

I saw it, for just a second; the flicker of fear in her eye like a rabbit disappearing down a warren. She knew who I was already!

My day gleamed just a little bit brighter than my convertible now.

“I’m Mila,” she replied, and though she was still guarded, she was beginning to defrost.

“So, Mila, where are you from?” Big grin. I could feel I was about to land a big one. “Why are you only just joining us now?”

Come on, I thought savagely. Just one word and I can unravel you.

“Oh, it’s because I was homeschooled.”

Home schooled

Home schooled

Home schooled.


Two weeks later and the whole student body knew that Mila was homeschooled. I was elevated just a little bit more. I saw Mila sometimes, crying like the pathetic thing she was when she thought no one could see her.

My world was pink and shiny, until I got home one day.

“Sarah, my darling,” my mother sang, dancing across the kitchen. “We have some news for you!”

“A new car?” I perked up immediately. “That trip to Paris we were discussing? I’ll go pack, shall I?”

“No no, dear, it’s not that, it’s better!”

I bounced on the spot, preparing my Barbie grin. This was going to be excellent!

“Your father got a promotion. In Burke!”

“Burke?” I repeated. My mother nodded and squeezed my hand. “As in, the Back of Bourke?”

“Yes! You have two weeks of school left, and we’ve already informed the student body that you’ll be leaving... to be homeschooled!”

My smile melted, my hair wilted and Sarah Jane Jefferies would never be biblical again.

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