Dark Visions (Dark Visions, #1-3) Dark Visions question

Gabrial or Rob?
Jennifer Jennifer Sep 17, 2012 07:13PM
Who do you think Kaitlyn should have ended up with?

Definitely Gabriel, he is badass and tortured...i loved him.

Gabriel ! All the way!!!

i liked Gabrial, but thats because im into the darker kinda guys

I'm joining the fan wagon and would have to go with Gabriel myself. I would have seriously been disappointed if she would have ended up with Rob.

Gabriel!! They are perfect!!!

Gabrie all the way

Rob...isn't right for her. Gabriel, he's a dick but he has reason to be. And they have undeniable frission between them! I love Gabriel so much<3

Gabriel all the wayy.. but then im into the bad boy types but he is just so perfect even reading the book i told my self theat i will never read another of l.s smith's book if she did not end up with Gabriel and that they are just perfect.. loved the ending !! :)

i agree with everyone who picked gabriel but i kanda like rob but more as a brother and if it werent for rob she probably would not have been with gabriel in the end

Both my inner teenage self and my adult self go for Gabriel. Rob is a nice guy, sure and Gabriel is kind of an asshole to Kait. But the thing is, Gabe is willing to sacrifice things, to go the extra mile, so to speak. Yes, he's the mysterious brooding bad boy, and while my inner teenage self went gaga over that aspect of him, my adult self saw an honorable nice guy beneath his facade.

gabriel all the way

Natasha (last edited Oct 05, 2013 08:58AM ) May 02, 2013 03:22PM   0 votes
I'm going to go against practically everyone else here and say that I would have preferred her to be with Rob. I think that her ending up with Gabriel was a bit weird for me, even though he made a lot of sacrifices for her. I also didn't see Anna and Rob together either as that was only really at the end, which to me made it feel forced and not right. Although I guess her and Gabriel is okay.

Gabriel most definately, the bad boy always gets the girl, my second choice wouldnt be rob it would be lewis, pecking order is bad boy then geek

Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel!! All the way through the book series I wanted to kill Kaitlyn for thinking Rob was better!
Gabriel is proper sexy bahahaha

Gabriel all the way!

I think Rob is too wimpy, naive, and childish to actually understand and match up to Kait. Plus, it's not like he REALLY needs her!
Gabriel needs her because she's the one who WILLINGLY gives him energy! And also, he's loved Kait since DAY 1!!!! Longer than Rob!
And, he's had to deal with watching the girl he loves go out with another guy, who also so happens to be his archenemy!

Yeah, Gabriel is WAY better than Rob.

A Mar 22, 2013 06:28PM   0 votes
It seems a lot of people agree with me. Gabriel.

Gabriel he seems dark and broken inside so definitly him HOT!!!

GABRIEL is my love..


Gabriel! haha, Rob is a nice guy, but he's a little too nice to be honest. And Gabriel is one of those dark, mysterious, bad-boys. Definitely my type!

Rob sounds like he'd have a hotter body but i'll go with Gabriel because i'm into the tortured souls guys in books

I'm so happy she ended up with Gabriel! I actually finished reading the book today. When I was in the middle section I was getting nervous that Kaitlyn was going to stay with Rob. I was literally going to freak out. I was going to be so angry but when I finished it I was so excited! Rob is a sweet guy and he is so good that's why I think he's good with Anna. What Kaitlyn and Gabriel have is so real. They've been through so much together that's why they have every right to be together. Plus I love the bad boy types!


deleted member Sep 17, 2012 07:16PM   0 votes

Gabrial. I am always for the more darker guy. Rob was a bit too nice for me

Alida Arabelle me too
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always been gabriel <3

deleted member Sep 19, 2014 08:52PM   0 votes
Gabriel!!! Damn he's good looking

deleted member May 04, 2016 05:12PM   0 votes
Even when I first saw Rob and her together, I just wasn't feeling it. For me there was no passion there. With Gabriel she was on fire and so alive. It was an easy decision for me.

gabrial all the way

Definitely Gabriel they had alot more chemistry then her and Rob plus it all worked out in the end she ended up with Gabriel and Rob ended up with Anna hell even Louis got someone lol

Gabriel. Rob is a bit boring


Gabblie. he's much more intersting than Rob was

Cassie 'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood nods. did you think the docter or whatever that guy was that was testing them creepy??
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Gabrial. Rob is ok too but he's too nice.

Gabriel! <3

deleted member Dec 07, 2013 02:42AM   0 votes
I'd go Gabriel. I always prefer the darker characters


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