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This is the garden of the flower known as the Elemental Flower, which rests in the north garden of the mansion. It's petals are naturally colored to match each Elemental Kingdom and point to those kingdoms respecfully. It is grown in the cetner of a ring of stone with statues on each corner of the circle, lined up with each kingdom and the petals that represent its kingdom. The statues are carved into the forms that represent each kingdom. The Air Kingdom, a hawk; the Earth Kingdom, a bull; the Water Kingdom, a sea serpent; and the Fire Kingdom a dragon. This place is one of the two most sacred places to each kingdom and truly represent an area of peace between the kingdoms.

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 850 comments Mod
*Steven walked around the mansion and into the garden, then stopped at the ring of stones as he looked at the flower, then gasped as he saw it had wilted, its petals drooping and the color from them becoming lost* No... *He stood there, at the edge of the circle, lost in confusion and disbelief* If the flower is dying...then... *He turned around and looked south, beyond the mansion, toward the forest* The Great Crystal is collapsing! *He pulled out his crystal--and Elemental Crystal--that hung around his neck and looked at it, the color from it drained and the flame only a small spark* How? The flame was the size it was when I woke up a thousand years ago to the time I finished my duel in the arena with the two Fire Elders! Why is it now diminishing?! *He looked back up at the forest* This is not good. *He started to run back toward the forest* This is not good!

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