The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Sisterhood, #1) The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants question

Is the movie as good as the book?
Paige Paige Sep 17, 2012 05:58PM
I havent seen the movie yet but I love the books

Not at all! The movies skipped way too many important parts! *WAY TOO MANY*

I read the book(s) b/c I loved the movies, but I didn't like the books at all. I got halfway through both books and set them aside for nearly a year b/c I was bored of them.

No, I feel the movie completely bastardized the book. What was a thought provoking and emotional read because a convoluted and ridiculous movie. It was not nearly as heart felt or sincere as the book was.

I love the book and the movie but totally different stories. Both awesome stories but totally different!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the movie which made me get the book. I loved the book too. I think I liked the movie better.

If you've already read the book, the movie isn't as good. But, its not terrible. Kinda combined more than one of the books, if I remember correctly.

Liked the first movie but was disappointed by the second. I LOVED the second book in the series and felt that it could have been it's own movie. Three books in one was a mess.

The movies are basically the books cut up and put together haphazardly. I feel like they should be judged separately because of this.

Anyway, the movies are all right as movies go, but comparing them to the books, nah. Books win.

I saw the movie first and really enjoyed it but there are some key differences in the book and movie that might be really annoying if you read the book first & then see the movie.

i saw the movie first and thought it was better than the book!!!

I watched the first movie, and liked it so much I got the books! I loved them both so much!

The first movie was good. I agree with everyone else on the second. They took parts of the other three books and made it into a completely random story. It sucked.

I read the book first and thought the first movie followed the first book pretty well and was a good representation. The second movie though.....ugh.....that took 3 books and squished them into one movie. That did not work well at all.

I read the books when I heard the movie was coming out. I am a fan of most of the stars of the movie so I may be biased. I liked the first movie a lot the second not so much. I do think the books are better because there is more detail in them.

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i liked the (1st) book so much better than the (1st) movie, the movie was so different from the book, which I understand because most books and movies were like that. Overall I like the book so much more than the movie.

Kenzie (last edited Nov 26, 2013 07:07PM ) Nov 26, 2013 07:07PM   0 votes
Personally, no they books are WAY BETTER and Kostos' actor was not very exciting to me he just didn't do anything for me really but I loved who played Carmen, she is a good fit for the character's description and personality. But they skipped way to many important parts and I just couldn't get into the story like I could with the book

Both the book and the movie were terrible. I like that girls are encouraged to have strong friendships. But, it was not my favorite book and holds in at number ten as my favorite teen movie.

Who are the actresses for the girls in the traveling pants movie?
Are they good cuz I will NOT watch the movie If they suck, I read the books and I hate it when the movie and the books are TOO different like Ella Enchanted.

Darlene Jepsen I know that tends to bother a lot of people. But, due to the way society is and has been a lot more lately. Not everything in a book can make it to th ...more
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IDK don't think I've seen the movie

Kate Then what was the point in responding to the question?
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Of course the movie leaves stuff out, but I thought it was good. The movie kind of gave me faces to go with the characters. The movies and the books went well together. I do think they tried to combine too much of the books into the second movie though!

I loved both, but they totally screwed up the second one. It was awful. The books are awesome, though I have just never had time to read the fourth and fifth ones.

I saw the movie first and loved it - actually it was the reason for me to read the book. So, naturally I'm bound to say the movie is brilliant, though it might be not as strong if one read the book first.
Anyways, it has a great cast and is certainly worth watching.

i saw the movie first so i liked it better, but i think even if u read the book first you will still end up liking the movie, it's a good representative of the characters and the story

I loved both the book and movie

i almost killed myself while watching it... they messed everything up.
and on top of that they messed up the characters, they made the girl from ugly betty CARMEN!

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