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We, the Drowned
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Historical fiction about a shipbuilding society (maybe Viking era), recently translated into English [s]

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message 1: by Iseul (new)

Iseul | 2 comments Sometime in the last few weeks I happened upon a book on Amazon - I think it was recently translated into English from a Scandinavian language (if not Scandinavian, definitely European) and is about a shipbuilding society. Possibly historical fiction or alternative historical fiction set in the Viking era. The cover had a drawing of a ship on it and the book got somewhat mixed reviews. Thanks for any help.

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Lobstergirl | 37536 comments Mod
The Long Ships by Frans G. Bengtsson translated from the Swedish by Michael Meyer? It has various covers but here's one:

message 3: by Iseul (new)

Iseul | 2 comments Thank you very much for the reply! My description was a little off, there were no Vikings involved. I ended up finding the book by browsing the Scandinavian section of Barnes & Noble's website. The book I was thinking of is:


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