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Sophia-Maria (augustineofelsinore) | 37 comments Title: Passion
Author: Lauren kate
Publisher: Kindle edition published by Delacorte
Published date: January, 2011
Genre: YA, paranormal romance, angels/ demons
Series status: third book in the Fallen series
Date/s read: 9/2-9/12
My rating: 3 stars

What I think:

The Good:
I loved the way Lauren described Luce's past lives! It was like watching a historical movie. I've learnt a lot about her character and Daniel's and their cursed love. This book was to enlight some questions I had from the very beggining as "Is Daniel in love with her?" or "What's the matter with their love?". It kept me on edge when Bill, the gargoyle showed up and helped her in her journey to the past. What is more, I've learnt something about Cam and I felt sorry for him. ( a woman named Lilith broke his heart and that's why he went to the dark side.) Finally, I was astonished when I saw that Lucifer cursed Daniel and Luce and that God showed mercy.(if Luce wasn't baptised she could be with Daniel.)

The Bad:
Everything was ok 'till Bill turned out to be the Devil. I mean, seriously? Of all the things Bill could have been, he was the Devil? And after this , my opinion about this book changed drmatically. The end was "so not what the book wants". To be exact, the Devil wants to take revenge and to do that he must trap all the fallen angels so that they can follow him, including Daniel and his siblings. So, now they have to fight the Devil? I believe, this book is about their love, not a battle between Hell and paradise! From the very beggining it described the passions of angels and demons and the cursed love of a boy and a girl. I just don't think it fits this book a battle between God and Lucifer.

Overall, the ending was just not what I expected to be. I must say, if it wasn't for the past lives I wouldn't have finished it. I just think this series deserves something better. I'm really disappointed; I really wanted to hooked on this! I must finish what I started though and I hope the finale won't disappoint me. That's why I'm going to read Rapture.

You should read it if you'd love to learn more about Luce and her past lives and Daniel , of course. But, the ending might disturbs you. I'm hoping Rapture will be much much more interesting and fast-pacing. This series deserves an epic ending.

Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey) (mybookboyfriend) | 13 comments This book was just awful for me. I think I gave it 2 stars and that was generous.

message 3: by Monica Porta (new)

Monica Porta | 196 comments Read the first book in the series and didn't like it.

Sophia-Maria (augustineofelsinore) | 37 comments Well, it's a boring book and with no suspence..!! I'll read Rapture because I have to finish what i started! I don't know I think this series have serious matters!

message 5: by Monica Porta (new)

Monica Porta | 196 comments I know what you mean about having to finish what you started, Augustine :)In my case, Fallen simply got lost in a series of unfortunate reads and never thought of it again until I read your review. It has a nice cover, although there's now an overabundance of pensive/depressed/crying girls in long dresses,it is on the blue shade (I have a penchant for blue covers,) and the blurb must have sounded captivating enough to make me grab the book. Sadly, it ended there. No flavor, no spice. In the author's defense, I must say that YA as a genre comes with strict rules about what you can and can't write. Sometimes, especially if you're traditionally published, it's almost impossible to escape those rules, which makes it harder to write something compelling.

Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey) (mybookboyfriend) | 13 comments I usually finish a series. But I just can't. Even if there is only one more book to go. I've read the spoilers and I don't think I'm missing out on anything.

Sophia-Maria (augustineofelsinore) | 37 comments Guys I totally agree with you.. And Monica, yes there are rules about writing a YA novel and I think these books were nothing compared to my other YA reads about angels and demons. It was just what I feared most about Fallen. That I'll get bored of this story. And it happened. This really disappoints me you know, I had high hopes for this series....:/

Sophia-Maria (augustineofelsinore) | 37 comments Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey) wrote: "I usually finish a series. But I just can't. Even if there is only one more book to go. I've read the spoilers and I don't think I'm missing out on anything."

me too, I'm thinking it over again if I had to finish this series.

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