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Megan i just read this and loved it, i also liked rock and hard place. are there any good books like this? like with a rockstar falling in love with a normal person?

Leslie The Might Storm is a good one The Mighty Storm. I haven't read it yet but I also heard How to Kill a Rock Star is good How to Kill a Rock Star

Also you might like some of these below:
ThoughtlessEffortlessLove's Rhythm

Adriana Aviles Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber .... there is more heat in these than BreatheLove UnscriptedLove Unrehearsed

Megan any more?

Adriana Aviles Exquisite. ..... Also while it lasts and just for now

Megan HELP

Emma Matthews Breath is part of a 3 book series the next 1 is "because of low" and then "while it lasts" both good books
"because of low" follows on with marcus hope this helps :)

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