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Meeting 10/07 Sunday 5pm: Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down

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N | 108 comments Mod
Thread for stuff pertaining to the current book of the month Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down

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Amy | 10 comments For those of us who don't use DD/MM/YY this is on October 7 :)

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N | 108 comments Mod
great. thanks for pointing it out.

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N | 108 comments Mod
i'm trying to get mod. status from Gene to update the info.

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N | 108 comments Mod
You got a point there, Skinny added, but we cowpokes make up language as we go along. Compare our names for landscapes, towns, industry, with those of tenderfoots back East — Syracuse, Troy, Ithaca, not to mention all those towns with names ending in yorks, burghs, villes — they got some inferiority thing back East. Seem to worship Europe. Why there’s a whole school in New York of poets writing like Frenchmen. But when you get out here, except for those names given by injuns and Spaniards, cowpoke genius takes over — Milk River, Hangtown, Poker Flats, Tombstone, Boot Hill. On and on. I heard that one of them dudes back there named Webster wants everybody to speak Hebrew.

--pg. 54

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