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First book a publicity stunt?
Sweekruti Sweekruti Sep 17, 2012 10:15AM
I felt after reading the first 2 books that the 1st book was made ultra provocative and filled with romance and exotic playing and almost surreal
The second book was dealing with more emotions and somehow more real and finding some genre
So my question is what are your views on the first book being a publicity stunt to attract readers and the ending of the book an apt turning to a more comfortable book?

No. I sincerely believe the author was just horney during her months of writing her first book

i like the book as it is. and i really appreciate that they ended up focusing the story to emotions and feelings, instead of their love scenes :)

I don't know how well it's known, but the Fifty Shades series started its life as an erotic Twilight fanfiction. Christian was obviously Edward, Anastasia was Bella, etc. I never made it past the first book, but if the tone of the series changes, it may be because Fifty Shades Of Grey was the fanfiction portion (and a lot of fanfiction is high on erotica) and the later novels may have been less fanfiction than original work. Though I could be mistaken, but it seems pretty likely.

Sweekruti thats what even I thought
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The first 2 books in the series are what made up the original fanfic "Master of the universe". The third book was the sequel.

I think it was .there are now cupcake to the book and a jewllry line

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