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Would you want to become pretty?
Valerie Valerie Sep 17, 2012 08:12AM
Would you want to become pretty or run away to the Smoke (if it still existed)?

I think we would all like to say that we would run away to the Smoke and wouldn't care about our looks, but in reality, I think we would all want to become pretty. Looks are everything to our society, whether or not it's right.

deleted member Oct 28, 2012 05:25PM   1 vote
I would definitely want to be pretty, even if I did know I was going to get brainwashed. There's so much sorrow and pain and self-hate in the world, I'd want to be happy, even if that meant sacrificing my creativity and personality.

deleted member Sep 29, 2012 01:09PM   1 vote
I would run away! Plus I like myself the way I am.



deleted member Oct 13, 2012 07:30PM   0 votes
Well, people, you wouldn't KNOW you were gonna get brain-washed! Plus, if you thought you were REALLY REALLY ugly like everyone else, how could you pass up the oppurtunity? Trust me, if I was in that situation and I knew what was going to happen, I would definetly make a run for it. But if you or me or whatever had no clue.....

Well, the pretties get brainwashed, so I would definitely run away.
And even if they weren't, they're still very annoying and vain people who look and act the same. You're not 'ugly' necessarily, you just were never altered to look like them. No individuality :P

Definitely run away. I mean, I look at most Korean singers and actresses and I get scared. So many of them have had plastic surgery and it's really looks creepy. It's just sad that everyone has to comply to society's "beauty concept". They all end up looking the same... I rather look like myself.

you know, without the brain surgery

I would rather be a special because I would be so bad-A and have my brain.

Tbh, Special... I wouldn't go for pretty tho. I like how 'Specials' are scary. C: I love scary stuff. A special, but please, no brain wash. BUT PLEASE, a tattoo.

deleted member Oct 13, 2012 08:48AM   0 votes
nahhhhh,im totally fine the way i am

J Oct 30, 2012 02:42PM   0 votes
I know that i would want to become pretty, for a couple of reasons. I'm like really insecure, I'd want to be pretty, I wouldn't know I'd had my braind damaged.

If I knew about the brain lesions I'd run away, but if I didn't and thought that becoming pretty would kept my mind and personality intact I would become pretty.

I think I'd run. The Smoke actually sounds so fun.
Or I'd stay and become pretty, then take the cure and run. Just like Tally. :D

Lesions in my brain...ugh. No thanks. But I think I might actually like the height change(;

I would like to stay ugly... I value my brain too much :)

Run. Those Pretties are annoying as heck, no way would I want to be one. I'd wanna go to the Smoke.

I run away to the Smoke, unhesitatingly :D

I would not. They could feed me all the propaganda they want. No thank you. c:

Yes c:

I would like to become a pretty and have a good time and then maybe a ranger/anthropologist or something. Yes controlling peoples minds is wrong, but protecting the earth from the greed that generally comes with being human. I am a Cutural Anthropologist so I would like a in between state where people are happy and satisfied and certain aspects of humankind are saved like culture and individuality, but greed and other nasty human habits are nixed.

maybe if they have way to become pretty with out the brain damaged thing.

No, not if I had to use the word bubbly a hundred times everytime I open my mouth to talk, ugh!!

Never ead the book

Run away, live a life of adventure... with my BRAIN

deleted member Oct 11, 2012 02:02PM   0 votes
I wouldn't mind being pretty, I like the city and I don't think I could handle running away and living in the smoke, but I would hate leisons

deleted member Oct 28, 2012 04:34PM   0 votes
Well that depends. Am I given this option knowing everything, or do I have no idea? With the previous, as much as I want to be like, "OMG I am happy with my body and the way I look. I AM SO STRONG!" that would be bull.

If I was raised in a society where I was taught that I am hideous and my destiny is to grow up and be made pretty, then that's what I would do. It's how humans work. A lot of us grow up being told we MUST go to university. So a lot of people do, just because they've been told that that's what they MUST do, even though they have no desire.

However, if I knew everything that was going down, I would say, "No thanks" and dip. Because I would have an outside perspective and know how messsssed up it all was.

Whew/ Sorry, long response:P

I would if I could keep my brain the way it is. If not ... then not if I could help it.

Yeah...I think I would... I would totally want to be a Special but there is also another part of me who would run to the Smoke...but I know I would never make I think I would be Pretty.

Not to be vain or anything but I would want to become pretty ;)

Run! Pretties are so vapid and annoying

I'd become pretty, I know that sounds selfish or whatever but looks are important to me.

But I wouldn't want to have lesions.

i don't know about pretties but i wanna be a special!

runaway to smoke... and possible meet david?? .-.

Become pretty and then I may run away, or not.

pretty then a special.

Liv i'D NEVER want to be a special ...more
Nov 08, 2012 02:40PM · flag

i like my ugly face :)

Nerdread lol me too i also like my brain the way it is.
Dec 10, 2012 04:01PM · flag

I like my brain :) So... run! I think it's better to have a place where everyone can be themselves rather than what someone wants you to be.

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