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message 1: by Jo (new)

Jo Michaels (jomichaels) | 35 comments Mod
This section is for readers/bloggers to introduce themselves. Give us links to your blog or reviews written on Goodreads! :)

message 2: by Yvonne (new)

Yvonne Mendez (Yvonne_Mendez) | 3 comments Once upon a time I wanted to be a fiction writer until I realized its not my passion to write, but I'm an awesome reader! Give me 5 minutes of free time and I will grab anything near me to read!

With the avalanche of indie authors self-publishing I've discovered so many hidden gems and in some cases the writers become my friends. I'll probably never meet my idol Marian Keyes in person, but I will be going to dinner with Susan Buchanan (author of The Sign of the Times) when I go to Glasgow next spring!

My reviews are different depending on the author, a James Patterson will receive one or two paragraphs, because, let's face it, my review will be one in hundreds or thousands. On the other hand for an Indie Writer, I do take care to give a comprehensive review without giving spoilers.

My rule of thumb is not to add bad reviews. If I don't like a story, I stop reading it and if I didn't read it, how can I review it?

In other cases my personal bias can get in the way. For example with romance novels, just because I'm jaded and bitter and reading about people in love makes me sick, that's no reason to give a bad review to a good story.

So now to business, after I read an Indie author I post my review on Goodreads, Amazon and my own book blog, as an added bonus for my book blog I also do a short interview with the author. And I like to tweet about my progress in the book.

If you go to my book blog you will notice only three reviews, this is because its a new blog, but also because it took me almost two months to read the last book!

Thanks Jo for starting this group! Yassa is now #2 on my to-read list...almost there!

message 3: by Jo (new)

Jo Michaels (jomichaels) | 35 comments Mod
Welcome, Ellie! It's good to have you in the group!

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Cherry (_lisacherry) | 7 comments HI Jo and hi Ellie....lovely to be here and I love how you review Ellie. Pretty much the same for me....why review badly when really its just psonal taste (unless of course the book has been really badly written pr ot proof read or something and then it would be cruel not to say....privately)

Anyway, like you both I suspect, I am in endless groups so I pop in and out of each one when I can....

See you soon x

message 5: by Jo (new)

Jo Michaels (jomichaels) | 35 comments Mod
Hi, Lisa!!

I'm only a member of three other groups. About to x membership in two of them LOL!

Good to have you here!

message 6: by Jen (new)

Jen Chatfield | 1 comments Hello all,

I'd love to include myself in the writers page, but alas, I haven't published anything. Yet. So for now I'm a reader. I haven't written a ton of reviews because I'm busy writing. But I'd love to help out some indie writers.

message 7: by Jo (new)

Jo Michaels (jomichaels) | 35 comments Mod
Hello, Jen, and welcome!

I'm gonna open nominations up this weekend for our first review book. I'm hoping we get some great indie reads and have some fun around here :)

message 8: by Ashley (last edited Sep 22, 2012 11:15PM) (new)

Ashley Howland (ashleyhowland) | 1 comments Hi all,
I am a hobby author with two published Children's novels. Wishing I had more time to write, blog and market my books, doing the best I can. I also love to read, but spend most of my time chasing my kids and a collection of really cute labradors. Looking forward to hearing about all your books and sharing mine! My blog is:
I will be soon opening up a new blog for interviews and reviews, will post link once I get organised!

message 9: by Jo (new)

Jo Michaels (jomichaels) | 35 comments Mod
Hullo, Ashley!

Nice to have you here. Welcome!!

I can't wait to start our reviews!


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