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The silver hair net?

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ok so.. just a quick question regarding the whole joffrey/death thing.

they keep mentioning her hair net was made of black amethysts... a lot. and obviously one was missing. so the way i read it was that maybe the stone ended up choking joffrey? but then that was discarded when the maesters said they didint find an obstruction in the throat.

so dontos was hired by baelish ? or by lady oleena? or was it just poor fortune for him?

cause i figure that oleena wanted joffrey dead after sansa told him about how cruel joffrey was. but when did she has a chance to poison him and not margery if they were drinking from the same chalice? or does the amethysts have something to do with it somehow?
and baelish did this all to help out sansa, due to his love for her mother yes??

so much rambling, sorry, my thoughts are everywhere.

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Cathy The missing 'amethyst' was the poison that killed Joffrey constructed to look like an amethyst. That's why it was never found. It dissolved in the wine, which Joffery drank but Margery didn't (she was probably in on the plot as well and knew when to stay away). I believe Baelish and Lady Oleena were working together though I have no proof of it. If it was in the books I missed it. Lady Oleena was definitely the one (or so it is inferred to me) who took the missing 'amethyst' from Sansa's hairnet and used it to poison the wine. I think part of Baelish's motives were selfish, as well as his love for Catlyn, because if he has the last Stark alive (to his knowledge) he can use that to gain the Stark's land, titles, etc.

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Muris I think Petyr is more interested in having Catelyn's daughter (if you know what i mean, wink, wink), rather than her titles

Kirby Muris wrote: "I think Petyr is more interested in having Catelyn's daughter (if you know what i mean, wink, wink), rather than her titles"

that's what I thought, too.

Felicia But if Petyr wants Sansa, why did he put a poisoned hair net on her head? wouldn't it be easy for sansa to touch food after putting he hair net in her hair, and get poisoned or if the amethyst is that loose it could have fallen into her drink and poisoned her? The royal wedding was not the first time she wore the silver hair net.

Laura Herzlos Littlefinger has the hots for Sansa and his love for Cat, sure, but that's more a side story for him. His own interests -power- are more important to him. If Sansa had fallen prisoner before he could sneak her out, too bad, he could have cried, but his plans were going to follow either way. He was in cahoots with Lady Olenna because they both wanted Joffrey dead.

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