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Megan Atkinson Megan (last edited Sep 17, 2012 05:20AM ) Sep 17, 2012 05:18AM
Hi fellow North and South lovers, I am currently doing my dissertation of the North and South adaptations and would love your thoughts on this question-
Do you think the story is adaptable to modern day times? or do you think it would not have an effect on it audience?

Personally I am half and half on the last question because as far as themes go such as classes, labour and religion they are still fundamentally there in today's society and it would be good to have an adaptation based on this. However I am not to sure about the setting and time being in today's world, because what I loved most about this adaptation in particular was how raw it was and that why I think it was most effective.

ooh thats such a good question, in my mind thats what is great about this book, clearly times have progressed from the industrial revolution, however even in society today we have the divisions of poor and rich, which I think is at the heart of the novel, so yes therefore it could be adaptable to modern times, I don't know how you could make the issues as prominent but for instance we still divide workers as working class labourers or blue collar workers.
Also, the social aspects certainly are adaptable, is it right to let workers have no benefits or should we all receive the essential requirements that we all need? - in North and South, workers died due to their poor conditions and low wages, Margaret felt it was her duty to help these workers, where as others left them alone - this too, is adaptable, every country has a poor community - an adaption for modern audiences would have an effect because wether we like it or not, many people still live in poverty right on our doorstep, and what is being done about it? Also, we have on the whole come to change our belief's in our religion - in those days England was fundamentally Christian, whereas today religion is very cosmopolitan really - so this too I believe would interest modern audiences as there are religious divides.
However, like you I am half and half, the industrial revolution altered the world that hasn't been seen since, and there was a geographical social divide, so I don't think you could portray the same changes and rawness that that time had

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