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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments I made it

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments Yes.

I am pretty open to romance ideas, but I think its best if I tell you about my character first, so you can get an idea of what you think would be the best course of action to take.

Writing the character info out might take me awhile...or I might be really quick. It depends.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments Name: Kumiko Shidara

Gender: Female

Age: ( Depends )

Species: Neko-Vampire ( A human with cat ears and cat tail, but with vampire fangs, and perks. )

Power: Light/Darkness

Appearance: Kumiko stands at 4'9. She has an hour-glass figure, with perky, round breasts, that, not huge, are still something you can totally grab. They're very cute, in otherwords. She has big blue doe eyes, and long, black eyelashes. She has long, black, silky, shiny hair, and tends to smell rather girly, whether its roses, or some sweet fruit. She has long nails usually painted red, and her cat ears and tail are yellow. Over all, cute.

Clothes: Usually consists of mini skirts and strapless shirts/tubetops/corsets

Personality: Kumiko is two sides of the same coin. Literally. She is friendly, caring, motherly, kind, compassionate and giving. However, at the same time, she's prideful, vain yet hopelessly insecure, jealousy prone, superficial, and a hopeless romantic.

Bio: Its complicating, and I haven't figured out yet what to include for her background.

Fun facts: Kumiko loves manga, video games, anime, movies, novels, has a great love for wolf guys and werewolves, loves Dr. Pepper, or, Pib Extra, hates kids, unless they're a wolf kid, doesn't like red heads.

That's all I can write right now. I'm tired, and my mind isn't running properly. Ideas are lacking.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments I hate to break it to you, but what Conor turns into, I do not under any circumstance consider a werewolf. I consider that to be a shapeshifter. Or, a Twilight Puppy. ( I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just saying, that's my view on the subject. Your guy is fine though so you don't have to change anything, I'm just saying, the correct term, in my opinion, would be shapeshifter. )

He sounds like a real bad boy that chicks go nuts for so that's cool.

Any ideas on what to actually do though? Setting, plot...point...

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments I briefly thought about a school setting for the Supernatural. I've done a couple of them and most of them go well, but it really depends on the characters. I'm not sure how well these two will work together but I guess we'll see soon enough.

I also wanted to be able to include other characters of mine, but I'm pretty sure Conor would kick their ass so I'm not sure about that. Which, is fine, I'm not dissing him, don't worry. xD;

Which, bringing them in is easy if its a school setting like that but then again, like I said, I'm not completely sure it would work. Its not a human school, its a supernatural one. Like, a huge college campus, with, perks of a forest and a lake the students can go to. Lots of rooms of course and dorms but because they're supernatural students, most of them skip school, really, and the teachers don't care.

Your gang idea works here well, since lots of students form gangs, since, there's some scary monsters, and the school doesn't care if you're eaten alive o_o And that happens to students more then the teachers would admit too.

The real point of the school is to at the end, see who lived, and who's worthy to join the supernatural army against humans that the headmaster has carefully devised and kept secret and if a student isn't worthy...well...bad, horrible things happen.

Its also where some supernatural's are put to learn their powers/histories and improve on their powers, or where rebels and rejects are thrown.

This all is just one idea though. You don't have to go along with it if you don't want to. I was just throwing it out there.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments He's the leader of the gang. I got something. Yeah, he's big and bad, I get that, but what if he gets hurt? Like, bad, you know? And left for dead, but Kumiko happens around at the right time, and brings him back to her dorm room, where she can heal him?

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments That's good then. I'd like to get something across though first.

My biggest rule, because I like my characters, is, no killing them or mutilating them.

Its not that I can't handle gore, I just like my characters. *shrug*

I don't like power playing or God Modding either.

Uhm, this is what I do if I do attempt a fight scene, which mind you I generally fail at, I have the character throw a punch, but, in such a way, your character can dodge if he wants to. Or gets hit if you decide that. Does that make sense? I'm just saying, that's how I do it to make it a little more fair. *shrugs* That's not a rule but the above's kinda are.

I'm sorry if that takes some of the fun out of things but everyone has a line xD;

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments Do you want to start the RP? You can be as detailed and long as you want. I'd be easier on me, that way I know where and how to introduce Kumiko to saving him or so.

But if you'd rather me take the first post I could try but it might not be as detailed or good, since I'm not sure the scene.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments Well...okay. Its just going to be a little hard since I'm not sure the scene you'd have in mind but okay. I'll think of something. Give me a bit.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments Maybe I'll reply in the morning. Just remind me.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments It was early in the cloudy morning, but already fights had broken out around the school, between two rival gangs. It was a big event that the fellow students had been waiting for. Everyone knew it had only been a matter of time before the two rival gangs clashed and today was that day. It was a Saturday, meaning the teachers didn't care what happened. Who knew how long the fight would go on? Whoever was left alive would surely be considered strong. There was a huge crowd in the clearing, though most kept their distance from the fight. A girl sighed as her friend dragged her through the crowd, so they could get a better view. The girl stood at about 4'9 but the black high heels gave her an extra inch. She had long silky, shiny black hair and big blue doe eyes, with yellow cat ears on top her head and a long slender tail in back. She wore a black strapless shirt with a zipper going down the middle and a black mini skirt. The friend dragging her to the fight scene was taller, at 5'9, with yellow hair with blue tips, spiked in an odd fashion. He was just as pale as she was, and wore a blue tank top (wife beater? ) shirt with a yellow lightning bolt on it and tan, loose shorts. He had stunningly colored aqua green eyes, that in sunlight, would shine a bright blue. "Its rival gangs, we can't miss it." He said. "I don't like fighting." The girl said, her arm going numb from the shocks going through it. They finally stopped, to watch the fight, and she rubbed her arm, hoping feeling would come back to it.

( The girl is Kumiko. The friend is her roomate, but don't worry about him. I set it up so your rival gang is fighting, or the fight is just ending, I dunno. Whichever. But she's to help your guy if I remember. )

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments "This is not right, how could you find humor in this?" The girl asked her friend. "I have no hobby." The guy replied, shrugging. "Ugh. This is horrible." She said, and pushed her friend, getting shocked as she did, which only made her more mad at him. "Wait, Kumiko, what are you doing? You can't go out there!" The guy said, paling in horror that the girl was stupid enough to walk on to a battle field. He reached for her but she was already gone. Kumiko knelt down next to Conor, and picked him up, swinging one of his arms over her shoulders, and another around his waist. She wasn't strong, but made up for it with her determination and pride. "Its okay, I'm going to help you." She spoke softly, not sure if he was awake or not. He did take a horrible beating. She knew she was going to have to ditch her high heels soon. Stairs were hard enough, but carrying a person with heels? Yeah, not going to happen.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments Kumiko carried him over to the crowd and slipped her shoes off. "Zumzi, carry my shoes. This is your fault, so you can take some responsibility." Kumiko said. "You can't be serious." Zumzi, her guy friend said. "Do it." Kumiko ordered, her voice rising a bit. Zumzi sighed. "Yes, your highness." He leaned down and picked the shoes up. "This is a horrible idea." Zumzi groaned, following Kumiko as she carried Conor to the school. "It was a horrible idea to watch." Kumiko shot back. "It was the gang fight of the century, we had to watch it." Zumzi explained. "No, we didn't." Kumiko shook her head and took her time going up the steps, and then pushed the door open with her shoulder, that led to the dorm rooms. Zumzi opened the dorm room door for her, and she laid Conor on her bed and placed her hands over his chest. Zumzi's bright aqua green eyes widened. "You can't do that." Zumzi said. "Like hell I can't." Kumiko shot back. "I'll do what I damn well wish." Kumiko said as a bright pink glow emitted from her hands. "But your soul---" Zumzi started in protest. "Will be fine." Kumiko finished for him. The light glow slipped into Conor's body, flooding through him, and eased the pain, as it started to heal him. The bruises started to disappear and within moments, he was good as new, and she pulled her hands away, feeling tired, and a little empty.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments Kumiko wasn't sure whether to smile or frown at his comment. He seemed happy about it, but morally, it was wrong, and it didn't sit well with her so she let the comment go. Zumzi leaned against the wall, rather wary of Conor. He knew what gang members were capable of. He just wished his roomate was smart like him, but she apparently wasn't. "How do you feel?" Kumiko asked him as he started to wake up. "I'm Kumiko, and that's Zumzi." Kumiko said softly, and gestured to Zumzi. She refrained from using the word, 'friend,' because, that really wasn't the right term. They were just roomates who really didn't get along.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments "Because she doesn't tend to discriminate against people, even if it might save her life." Zumzi said, rolling his eyes as he did. Kumiko shot him a look, then looked back to Conor. "You got hurt pretty bad, but you're okay now." Kumiko said, even though it was obvious. "I care because no one deserves to be hurt." Kumiko replied with a shrug. "Says the bright one." Zumzi said, rolling his eyes again, folding his arms across his chest. Kumiko ignored the comment.

( Zumzi is there for comic relief. )

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments Zumzi nodded like it was obvious, in a, "I told you so," fashion. Kumiko shot a glare at him then looked back to Conor, with soft eyes. "Well, its not like we're in a place that people would be doing good things more often then not." She reasoned. It wasn't a safe school, and the more powerful you let people know you were, typically, the safer you were. "You're doing what you can to get by here, huh?" Kumiko decided.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments Kumiko nodded. "I get that." She said, looking him over a little. "Are you thirsty?" Kumiko asked. "Or hungry? I could have Zumzi go pick something up." Kumiko offered. "Of course you'd have me do it." Zumzi grumbled. He knew he didn't have much choice in the matter, and he'd rather not be left alone with a deadly gang member, so, he'd do as she asked, not without sarcasm though.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments Kumiko blinked. "I'm just being polite." She said. "I get if you're uncomfortable here, but it might be wise to stay low. Its a mess outside, and teachers are everywhere, for once." Kumiko said.

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments ( Okay, sorry I haven't responded, I've been busy )

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments ( cool I am only on for a mnute tho cuz my own computer got a virus but my grandpa is letting me give people a heads up so ya are all updated as to why I havent responded much or if at all )

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments ( Hey, I know the RP was just started and all, but, like, I dunno...I don't think the characters are very compatible together. I was wondering if you'd want to do something a little different? Like, I want to use the same girl, but, like, maybe you could try a different guy? Possibly a different scene, I dunno?

But, I don't want to be like, rude or anything, so like, maybe we could do doubles? If that'd interest you, so, like, yeah, our posts are gonna be pretty darn long if we do doubles, but it might work, right? The second story, the bottom half, I'd be guy. It'd be a different story then the one where I'm girl...I dunno. What do you say? )

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments ( I don't want to offend you. He's a good character, I just don't think he works with her. Got any idea how to approach this? Doubles, I mean. )

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments ( You know what Doubles are, right? If I understand it correctly myself, or the way I'm imagining Doubles are done is you got two different stories, on top of the other, where in each of us has a chance to play each, two RP's going at once...that's how I'm figuring anyways. Haven't really researched it much but that's what I pieced together.


RP 1: She walked him through the forest


RP 2: He led her through the city.

That's how I imagine it goes...does that sound right to you? The basic layout, I mean...I myself haven't done Doubles yet but I'm learning its the fairest way to do things...So you don't get confused on what I'm saying, I'm not explaining it to you, I'm asking if that sounds right to you---'cuz I'm assuming you've done doubles before and if you haven't, am I making any sense? :/ )

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments ( I'd say they're two completely different RP's going on at the same time.

I don't mind if they eventually connect at some point but I think that might be a little harder, or more taxing...

However, as of tomorrow, I will be gone until Monday Night )

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments ( Oh, well, we can. I was just trying to be fair, you know? Doubles are a fair way for both players to be a guy and girl -shrug- But if you'd rather just do a RP where you're a guy an its just a single RP then that's fine too )

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Cheree (kumikoko) | 32 comments ( So what's the final answer? Doubles or you're a guy? xD; )

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