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message 1: by 110099 (new)

110099 | 352 comments Mod
The movie "Innocence of Muslims" filmed in the US has not only insulted the religion, Islam, but also the prophet Mohammad SAW. The Muslims in the Middle East and all over the world are outraged at the US for allowing this anti-Islam film to be even made. In countries such as Yemen, Egypt, Pakistan, etc., Muslims express their anger towards the US by protesting, destroying US embassies, and burning the US flag.

Do you think things have gone overboard? or the Muslims actions are justified?

message 2: by Joy (new)

Joy  | 146 comments Okay..I have several opinions concerning this matter so hear me out and don't judge.

I think Muslims who have went a little nuts over the film being made is a bit outrageous. I feel it's okay for them to protest, and want the US embassies out of they're countries but they did go overboard when they attacked people at the US embassies and killing innocent people, who might not had a clue to what was really going on. The whole thing can cause a war between the Allies and the Middle Eastern Countries; which of course is not good because millions of people will die over someone's stupidity.

And for the idiot that made the video....dude if you're going to make a film mocking the religion of Islam and a better job. Bad acting, bad script, bad everything. It sucked!!!

message 3: by Maya (new)

Maya  (mayaadorkable) | 200 comments I believe protesting is fine but vandalizing an killing innocent is not. I'm not judging all the protestors but whoever did play act into killing innocent lives an vandalizing is not right . And I think it's best for all Muslims to not watch this video because then you are making the film have more views. I believe words are stronger than violence . Tell me what achievement did these protestor get? We Muslims could make a film of what Islam truly stands for.We could start a petition to stop the movie from being played . We could show the world what Islam is really all about . Violence and anger is a form of weakness . People should think logically and form a plan to prove to people Islam is an amazing religion. I am hurt about the video and hope whoever made can either see the true path and if they don't go to hell.

Furthermore I feel like this whole thing was a setup . I mean come on . Out of all times this madness occurs . I think there are people from all sides trying to purposely cause chaos and having it spread like wild fire.

Lastly I support peaceful protesting but I don't support an innocent life and burning down buildings . I remember a Hadith the prophet told his people before they went to war . Excuse me f I translate it wrong or forget a wot or to but o me this Hadith is so powerful.

He basically told them to fight agains a child, a women , or an elderly ,. To not enter people's homes to attack families who are hiding for safety and to not destroy their homes or buildings ( maybe not building cuz they didn't have any but u get my point) to not attack a person who is inside their church praying to god, to not cut a tree down . Only fight those who fight you.

That Hadith has so much power to it. I feel like many people are forgetting Islam and how hard the prophet fought for Islam .

We live in time where we Muslims as a whole will be criticized and stereotyped . Instead of just representing ourselves we are being forced to represent all Muslims and Islam.

message 4: by Maya (new)

Maya  (mayaadorkable) | 200 comments Sorry guys I have some mistakes in the previous post stupid auto correct .

He told them not to fight . !

I'll come back later to edit

message 5: by Joy (new)

Joy  | 146 comments Well done..that was really good. I agree with u about everything.

message 6: by K Roma (last edited Sep 19, 2012 01:55PM) (new)

K Roma (man-u4kb) | 142 comments I feel like personally beating the crap out of whoever made this movie! my family and friends (basically everyone in Birmingham) are boycotting YouTube untill they take the movie off the site!

message 7: by Joy (new)

Joy  | 146 comments YouTube wouldn't take the videos off their website..which is kinda stupid.

message 8: by 110099 (new)

110099 | 352 comments Mod
YouTube was blocked in other countries because of this video.

I wonder if there is a petition to stop this film and take off the vid frm YouTube

message 9: by Maya (new)

Maya  (mayaadorkable) | 200 comments Soon there will be a petition

๑ஜ๑ Jαѕмιиє ๑ஜ๑  (jazmine_s) | 16 comments Awesome. I was gonna try to make my own if one didn't get made soon.


Here in Australia, there was supposed to be a peaceful protest. A group of them turned it violent.
Worldwide these protests that are turning violent are sending out a bad image of Islam, and even if it wasn't, it's not Islamic.
I'm proud of such large numbers of people taking action, but not happy to see the violence.

message 11: by Jihaad (new)

Jihaad Albayaty | 29 comments The people who participated in the violence and encouraged it, they themselves don't understand they're own Prophet, a lot of them were young men who are weak in their faith and they don't understand they're own religion at all.

message 12: by Maya (new)

Maya  (mayaadorkable) | 200 comments Jihad I agree with you. The Prophet Mohammed p.b.u.h. Never believed in violence. He never encouraged even on his enemies. He always wanted a way that didn't involve violence . We ,Muslims, should all ignore this video. we know our faith . Those who are using violence are by no chance representing Islam. We represent Islam and our behavior should always represent what Islam truly stands for. I hope this uproar ends soon because I'm sick and tired of waking up everyday to a violent protest . Let's stop his dam non sense and wake up to a new light . remember Allah is with us we stay strong and Allah will give us more strength .

message 13: by Joy (new)

Joy  | 146 comments Lol

message 14: by Jihaad (new)

Jihaad Albayaty | 29 comments

Spread that around, that's how you should respond not through ignorance

message 15: by Maya (new)

Maya  (mayaadorkable) | 200 comments Ira lol yes it made sense

message 16: by Namerah (last edited Sep 28, 2012 09:39AM) (new)

Namerah Saud Fatmi (namerahsaudfatmi) | 85 comments he'll get what he deserves on the last day,and he wont be able to do anything about all we have to do is
what the Prophet did,silent and peaceful protest.i bet angering the Muslim world is exactly what he wanted,so we better not give it to him.

message 17: by Yuman (last edited Sep 28, 2012 05:48PM) (new)

Yuman (yumnaep) | 70 comments if a muslim does a badu'a (in my language it means a du'a intended to do harm on someone) then basically that undoes his son, and it could go back on yourself and/or reflect in your Muslim character.
i say we avoid doing that and just pray that everyone sees the truth and that he is revealed (whether he is good or bad. technically that du'a won't count as wishing harm on someone else, because it'll be his fault if what is revealed is bad). This is a time for patience.
Just think of the Prophet (saw) who had to go through WORSE than this. I think of that whenever I get bullied, or when I hear that Islam has a bad name or is being insulted. I think, 'So this was what it was like during the Prophet's time. He had to go through worse than this. And he never broke. The least we (or I) could do is be patient and get through it, rather than sinking to these ignorant people's levels and cursing.'
So The Muslim Ummah should think of what the Prophet (saw) would do in these times before they act. They should behave according to Sunnah, not according to their emotions.

message 18: by Maya (new)

Maya  (mayaadorkable) | 200 comments Yumna- thanx for reminding cuz ill be honest I did do bad Dua'a ( that sounds so idk arablish weird) its true when u pray harm on someone it's not good and the prayer can also affect you. Thanx for reminding to not forget

message 19: by Jihaad (new)

Jihaad Albayaty | 29 comments Yes, thank you for reminding us, I'm sure a lot of us skipped such thoughts in our minds when we did our dua, inshallah we will try our best to leave such hateful thoughts

message 21: by Jihaad (new)

Jihaad Albayaty | 29 comments Yumna wrote: ""

that guys a Genius

message 22: by Yuman (new)

Yuman (yumnaep) | 70 comments tru dat

message 23: by 110099 (new)

110099 | 352 comments Mod
I dont like how muslims are protrayed as angry, violent people. Cus that is not what Islam is about.

message 24: by Maya (new)

Maya  (mayaadorkable) | 200 comments Con -I agree with you . that's why we all will base our actions what Islam stands for and won't let the past effect us. What's done is done life goes on , and as Muslims we will continued to demonstrate the truth about Islam. If people want to be ignorant and naive and stereotype us then so be it . Ignorance is a bliss.

The week after Eid I was out with my cousin I was just enjoying my day and still in the holiday mood having fun. My cousin and I were walking around six flags when some dude said very loud " I'm sorry about Osama" ... I kept walking I was in shock becuz I'll be honest I've never encountered a situation like that . I didn't turn around I just ignored him. I could've turned around gave him a piece of my mind or even asked why he was sorry . But no I wasnt going to let him get happy . He is a coward to begin with. I'll be honest that comment burned a bit , but whatever if he wants to throw trash out of his mouth I'm going to make sure I'm not the garbage bin it lands in.

And that's what we all need to do,there are moments to let your voices be heard and there are moments to ignore the ignorant and may god show everyone the truth.

message 25: by Maya (new)

Maya  (mayaadorkable) | 200 comments I knew it was just banned from the middle east. Other than that I really never looked up the video or kept track .

message 26: by 110099 (new)

110099 | 352 comments Mod
Somaya wrote: "Con -I agree with you . that's why we all will base our actions what Islam stands for and won't let the past effect us. What's done is done life goes on , and as Muslims we will continued to demons..."

Your right.

I just wanted to add All Muslims are judged by what happened 9/11 and other Muslim extremists actions.

message 27: by 110099 (new)

110099 | 352 comments Mod
I have to admit that I looked up "innocence of Muslims" out of curiosity. "What could cause such a reaction?" I thought. There are so many movies nowadays that criticize Muslims so what makes this one so different?? So I watched a part and its just horrible. The way Muslims were portrayed. And the names they were calling the prophet. The whole thing was horrible. I don't think it would've gotten much attention in the US if it weren't for the US ambassador being killed over it. Which was a wrong move. I bet he didn't even know about the movie.

message 28: by Maya (new)

Maya  (mayaadorkable) | 200 comments well first please dont write muslim extremist . because a person who is an extremist isnt Muslim. And the Libyan citizens were upset bout what happened to the US ambassador. thousands of protestors gathered to get rid of the extremists some even died in the protest. one guy said that this isnt what Libyans stood for and they werent not going to let a black flag hang over them. That i respect them. Everyone has to realize a group of people took advantage of the moment and tried to have fault fall on the protestors.

Yes 9/11 made majority people stereotype Muslims. But you know what i have to say if they want to stereotype then they can be ignorant as much they want because it wont kill me.

this world is filled with evil people. look when its an arab or muslim who commits a crime , its an act of terrorism. Aurora Colorado shooting at the premier of Batman to me that was an act of terrorism. Terrorism:the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion
... and that definition has been pinpointed to only people who are from the Middle East or who claim to be Muslims.....

message 29: by 110099 (last edited Oct 05, 2012 01:55AM) (new)

110099 | 352 comments Mod
Yes I heard and saw on the news the peaceful protestors in Lybia. The country is pretty much split in half on the situation.

There is more attention on terrorist attacks by people who call themselves Muslims then things like, let's say a mosque being burned to the ground by Jews. Which has happened during Ramadan in the US. Also the thousands of innocent people being killed in Afghanistan and the middle east by the US. To them we are the bad guys. But as you've said before Somaya, ignorance is bliss. and Hollywood is sure making a lot of money from films stereotyping Muslims as terrorists.

message 30: by Maya (new)

Maya  (mayaadorkable) | 200 comments U hit all the points .couldn't agree with you any less . In order to fuel the hate and stereotyping just throw more wood in the fire , right ?

There are people who do respect Muslims so I guess this world is just divided with non ignorant and ignorant people ..

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