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ok how

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soz i had 2 do homework so we will do it on tuesday afternoon and the topic will be Good girl breaks bad boys heart !!! :)

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lets make it not relly mature to mix it up a little bit and i will be the girl!!!

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k cool mine

Name: Jasmine
Age: 17
Personality: she is gets in to a lot of mischief. she hates school and her life. she is totally in love with boys. and if she had a boyfriend she would be nice and really caring.
History:She hates school and her life because her parents abandoned her when she was little and she hates being a foster child cause she has a really strict foster parents

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yea she looks like cat off victorios

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u there?

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Hannah~förévêr ÿôùñg~ wrote: "you need to do a picture"

i have

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u on

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meanwhile Jasmine was in her room cutting herself cause she hated her life and she had asked a boy out but they said no and she was depressed.

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jasmine heard a knock on the door and she thought it might be the guy she had asked out she ran down to the door and when shee opened it it was a guy with a dirty blooded puppy. Smoosh! jasmine cried thank you so much i have been looking all over the town for him how can i repay you! she cried. as she was talking she was also thinking hey hes cute!!!!

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then jasmine had an idea, hey if you want you can have him because u r probably better at looking after him than i am? and because you saved him would you like some dinner? she asked hoping he would say yes

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(yea sure it will be sooooooo fun!!!! looking forwed 2 seeing u on monday!! i hope Bubbles says yes!!! )

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"ok thats fine" Jasmine said sadly . "hey before you go can i ask how old you are and what school you go too" " i am just waondering" she said nervously

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yea sure it will be fun i hope bubbles says yes

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"ok" she said sadly" hey before you go can i ask how old you are an what school you go to" she said nervously

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hey here is my actual pic of jasmine

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oh i am so sorry and rude i think i ned to go but i hope you like the dog" she said embarrassed" may i ask why u dont go school?"

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ok bye Jasmine said. But as the door was just about to shut jasmine screamed and fell straight to the ground. Her mum came down and screamed too cause Jasmines arm was covered in blood

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( sure that would be cool yea i wanted to be in ur group but Neshar asked me and i didn't want to be Mean and say no)( also u know your profile pic well Adam Levine is on a show called the Voice

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Jasmines Mum ran down to see if she was awake no her mum started crying and ran to the phone which rang 911.

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( i am sooo excited 4 today!!)

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Jasmine suddenly woke up with a shock and then released that Mick and her mum were staring right at her. Just then the doctor came in and Said "i am so sorry but i have bad news"," you have cut into the vain too much and you are most likely going to die in about 5 or 6 weeks".
Just then Jasmine burst into tears

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Jasmine felt happy that Mick believed in her because no one used to believe in her and said she was a helpless, stupid girl. then she relised that she loved mick but she was not sure that mick loved her. "what if i do die" jasmine said " what will happen" if i do die i want it to be a small ceremony and i just want my mum and you mick" she said nervously

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(can we start to make this rp more mature cause then we can do more stuff with it)(if you want to)

Jasmine looked at Micks Confused face and thought shout i am so dumb " thanks for saying that but i dont know how to think right now""i dont want to die but i cant say i wont" Just then the doctor came in with a smile on his face

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"but i cant say she wont"whispered the doctor "and i cant lie to her". jasmine could hear what he was saying and then felt a big hot tear roll down her face. Suddenly the doctor "the test results say.......... (there was a long pause)

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jasmine felt sad and happy at the same time cause mick was sticking up for her and she has done nothing for him .she didn't want to die she was just soo upset and couldn't live with herself. so that was her punishment. but know she knew who she loved .

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umm.......... the doctor " may i ask is the girl ur girlfriend" and it says she is probably going to die" the doctor held his breathe

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Jasmine was wondering what was going on she got out of bed and as she felt a masssive pain in her leg. she hobbled over to the door and saw mick being dragged out jasmine shouted " leave him alone he is not leaving he is my specail someone that i love so leave him go or else i will hurt u all" said Jasmine

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Jasmine felt the heat rise all of them were staring at her . suddenly the doctors rushed towards her in anger and dragged her away slowly. Jasmine was screaming

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Jasmine ran with Mick and tried to run but couldn't she collapsed on the floor her leg was soo sore. " i cant run go without me and leave it will be best" she said crying

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Jasmine felt so special " do u love me too" Jasmine asked as they reached a safe hidden abandoned house

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Jasmine wasn't sure "thnx for helping me" she said "i think u r really brave"

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Jasmine lips touched his, her heart raced she was sure that he was the right one. she leaned in even closer and put her hands around his neck, she kept her lips against his.

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she stopped for a second and said " there is a bed room upstairs that is nothing like down here i have been here before so i can show u the way". she grabbed his hand and ran upstairs.


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( yea sure i was just about 2 ask dat. u read my mind!!!)

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" yea" she missed her mum

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She leanded in to mick and kissed him lightly " wat are we going to do now" Jasmine asked

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" we cant go back or else we will both be killed and i dont want to lose u because u r perfect" she said shyly

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" i wouldnt say that bout myself either i hav done really bad and stupid things in the past" really dangerous" ur the best thing that has happened to me"
jasmine started to cry

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" i have done so many bad things to myself and my mum i know how she fells cause she was always their for me but i wasnt" "she probably hates me" Jasmine hugged Mick tightly

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" thnx but i have done stupid things to hurt her lots like once i refused to go home and got drunk and then when i got home she was mad and i hit her, i am so stupid" u dont deserve someone like me"

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Jasmine felt horrible for the things she had done " im sorry if i casued you any trouble" she said to mick she hugged him tightly

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Jasmine felt mick shiver " are u alright" jasmine asked him

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" u can tell me u know " she kissed him slowly

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" oh im sorry it probably wasnt as bad as mine" wispered jasmine

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" im pretty sure i do" she hugged him tightly so he would feel safe and not terrible like her

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( gtg see u tomorrow)

Jasmine felt sad for him cause he has been througth a lot worse situations then her

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" so u know u can talk to me mick i am here for u" said jasmine " i will always be here "

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" do u want to talk to me if u dont that is fine but sometimes i worry about u mick" wispered jasmine

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