The End of Men: And the Rise of Women The End of Men question

More milk and water prattling
Robin Robin Sep 16, 2012 05:47PM
This is the kind of misandry is what is to be expected from people who's normal topics of conversation are shoes, coffee and the relationship they have with their phone.

And they expect men to take them seriously; when they are happy to abort their unborn children and abandon the live ones into 'day-care'- which it might be added here, is nothing more or less than bastardization of children.
If females are to be judged on their contribution to society by all the screaming, abuse, hystrionics and general spreading of misandry then yes they are a roaring success.
If they are to be judged by their actions of abandoning their callings as the sweethearts, wives, mothers and mentors of their families; then these rabid femocrats are a spectacular failure.

Not only does that last paragraph of this comment not seem to say what I assume you want it to say but none of this comment has anything to do with the book. Nor does you title make sense in light of a) your response or b) the content of the book. Have you read the book? If so could you comment on the facts presented?

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