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Mercedes Bell For anyone who hasn't read this and is thinking hmm this might be good.. It is and i want to provide you with the URL to read it free online..


Libbie I started reading it last night at 1am....and was up until 3am finishing it. Literally couldn't put it down.

Fabulous story.

message 3: by Zia (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zia Lawrence Sounds good!!

fabby read it and loved it i wanted to know more too it took me 2 hours couldn't put it down

Sanite a good story but sad it felt not so great at time but look at it in some point it's like reality for some people :(

Rebekah loved this little story. it related to reality alot... i actually found it inspiring :") (tears of joy) :D

Sanite If you love this book you should also read "second kiss " it not the same but it pretty good too ....

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