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Finnick: Who should play him in the movie?
Isabel Isabel Sep 16, 2012 05:22PM
I think that Cato should be reincarnated as Finnick..but that would ruin the book

Not Justin Beiber. :)

haha that would be cool! I think Garrett Hedlund should have played Finnick but whatever.

Sam Claffain dont suit the role but he might pull it off.

who knows?

I'm happy for anyone to play Finnick as long as they don't spoil his character. Like no offense to Josh Hutcherson but I think he needs to be a little taller and his eyes should be blue not brown.

i would say rian renalds if he were a little younger

I think Jason Statham is too short and old for Finnick! And too muscular! I imagined him tall and lean, but still strong. The picture of Sam above does not look at all like Finnick, but apparently he does have green eyes! At least they got the eyes right... I am still upset about Peeta's beautiful blue eyes not being in the movie. But anyways, they can always dye the hair (Isn't Finnick's supposed to be golden or something? That's how I imagined him. Beachy!). Plus Sam is tall too. So I think he'll do alright! I have never actually seen him act, though. I was imagining a Garrett Hedlund type myself. I feel like Sam Claffin or whatever his name is needs to tan up!

deleted member Sep 17, 2012 02:50AM   0 votes
A lot of people remember Sam Claflin (Finnick) from the fourth Pirates of the Carribean flick but I remember him as 'Richard' to my favourite novel's mini series adaption, Pillars of the Earth.

I'll say right now that he's a great talent and the perfect age for Finnick. He may have to fake an american accent but a lot of young actors these days are getting better and better with false dialect.

Id like to see Nathan Fillion do it, I think he has the right amount of charisma for the role and he isnt too young or overly muscular

Mallory Ha! I never thought of that. Personally, I'd like Nathan Fillion in any role, even if he doesn't seem like Finnick to me. ...more
Oct 03, 2012 03:51PM · flag

I thought a Jason Statham type would have been good for Finnick...

deleted user He's too old and not hot enough to play Finnick ...more
Oct 01, 2012 12:28PM · flag

cody simpson.. js

That would be fabulous. Give him green contacts and say iy's a completely different person. But sadly, they already casted him.

deleted member Sep 17, 2012 04:23PM   0 votes
They've confirmed that Sam Claflin

I don't think he looks at all like Finnick.

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