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Hermione and Draco. Good or Bad?
Isabel Isabel (last edited Sep 16, 2012 04:52PM ) Sep 16, 2012 04:52PM
I thought that if she couldn't be with Ron, Draco would be the next best:)

I'm siding with J. K. Rowling on this one. From an interview found here: http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2...

"It amuses me. It honestly amuses me. People have been waxing lyrical [in letters] about Draco Malfoy, and I think that's the only time when it stopped amusing me and started almost worrying me. I'm trying to clearly distinguish between Tom Felton, who is a good looking young boy, and Draco, who, whatever he looks like, is not a nice man. It’s a romantic, but unhealthy, and unfortunately all too common delusion of — delusion, there you go — of girls, and you [nods to Melissa] will know this, that they are going to change someone. And that persists through many women's lives, till their death bed, and it is uncomfortable and unhealthy and it actually worried me a little bit, to see young girls swearing undying devotion to this really imperfect character, because there must be an element in there, that "I'd be the one who [changes him]." I mean, I understand the psychology of it, but it is pretty unhealthy. So, a couple of times I have written back, possibly quite sharply, saying [Laughter], "You want to rethink your priorities here."

No he was very ugly towards her. Berated her for who she was. Girls need to avoid abusive relationships at all costs. Even emotionally abusive ones.

Book Nerd He was just extremely stupid and didn't know how to act when he liked her that much. Besides, it's not like anyone was going to support his "love" for ...more
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Adriana (last edited Aug 07, 2013 12:07AM ) Aug 07, 2013 12:07AM   2 votes
I like reading their fanfiction but I worry about anyone who takes the pairing more seriously than just fanfiction. Even if they did work out differences, there's still his family which he values strongly and frankly though his family is dangerous I admire how much he loves his parents. What worries me more is how people romanticize Draco and berate Ron. Ron was a wonderfully dynamic character and I totally understand why a sixth and youngest son in a family of seven children would be insecure, and when you add that the love of his life is always worried with Harry over him, he's going to feel worse... doesn't make him an awful friend that doesn't deserve her. I don't think they gracefully confronted Ron and his insecurities until the locket scene in Deathly Hallows.

He's called her racists names and insults her ever chance he gets. Would it be healthy for her to end up with someone like that?

I do respect people opinions that they like Dramione though :)

Alright, I absolutely hate Dramione, it's my least favourite ship in the entire Harry Potter fandom. First of all, they hat each other! Why would they ever get together? Malfoy constantly bullies Hermione and is racist towards her, Hermione doesn't deserve Malfoy! She is my favourite character in the entire book world and is a strong, smart female character which I love. Malfoy on the other hand is a bully, racist and joined a terrorist group against Hermione's blood-type for goodness sake! A lot of people try and defend Malfoy by saying he would've been different if he was brought up by a different family. That would probably be true, but the truth is. He was brought up by that family so he WILL be like that! I think Dramione is a horrible ship that I hope will never come true. I think people read to much fanfiction and ship Emma Watson and Tome Felton together. On the other hand I really love Harmione, Romione and Nemione! (Neville and Hermione)

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I think some fanfiction writers write some very amazing Dramione, that and it's the most popular ship on fanfiction net and other sites.
I ship it, but only if its post-war, and if he has done some maturing. If done right, Hermione and Draco have a nice sexual tension filled relationship that can amount to more.

my opinion............. "NO WAY !!!!!!!!"

Wai (last edited Sep 02, 2015 11:11AM ) May 29, 2015 04:47PM   0 votes
It's true that Draco and Hermione hate each other. But who says they can't change? Hermione's badass side is revealed when she punches malfoy. So bad girl plus bad boy is good, right? Plus they are so cute together. Can't you imagine them still teasing each other in their relationship? And have you ever checked out the fanart? OMG so good! Plus it's like forbidden love so It's better that they can have a secret relationship. It's more romantic. Also, J.K. Rowling said that Draco Malfoy was mean to Hermione because he liked her. He just doesn't get how to express those feelings. Rowling said that "Hermione could have pulled Draco towards the light and been his saving grace."

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BAD!What were you thinking?!

Oh my god. Has that 'bad boy reformed by good girl' YA stereotype came even into Harry Potter?! there's difference between Will Herondale and Draco Malfoy people, Draco is a bigoted nasty *insert suitable insult here* and Hermione is a sensible, spirited, girl. J.K Rowling is right, that is not a question to me.
Please don't start a flame war over this!

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Personally, I dislike the shipping of the two of them, they don't really work.

Malfoy disliked Hermione from the start. He even said, that he hoped she would die in CoS. He called her a Mudblood and messed up her teeth. He also made fun of her friends, Harry and Ron. He practically bullied her.

Hermione slapped him once. That's basically all she did to him, but he still detests her.

Their beliefs wouldn't work, thinking about it. She supports House Elf Rights, he owns a House Elf. He hates muggle-borns, she is muggle-born. They would need to do some serious compromising.

People say, he makes fun of her, because he likes her. He also makes fun of Ron and also Harry, mostly because of his ideas about how purebloods are better than half-bloods, muggle-borns and blood traitors and the group consists of them. He is also upset, that Harry decided not to be his friend and hang out with the "wrong people", them being Ron and Hermione.

Weirdly he gets well along with Snape, also he isn't a pure-blood. Did he tell Lucius about his blood status?

What do you think?

Draco/Hermione was never even a possibility. People keep comparing it to Snape/Lily but that was different because they were friends. Draco was downright rude and never showed any nice feelings, let alone romantic feelings, towards Hermione and those who think they would be a good couple need to get their head out of the clouds and actually read the books.

Awesome!! Their chemistry is great and they're my second favorite ship.

After what he called her? No! He beats up house elves! And He watched her get tortured on the floor of his own house by his own Aunt. At what point would a relationship like this work?

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Draco fricking hates her! Remeber when he said 'if a mudblood goes, he hopes it's Granger'?

Even if he had developed feelings for her, he would never have done anything about it as he was a Pure - blood and his father would have had a fit lol. He could never have been with someone like Hermione anyway, she was way too intelligent for him and I think his behaviour towards her was also due to the fact that a 'Mudblood' was able to do things better and more quickly then he - a 'Pureblood' - could. He would have felt a bit disgruntled. If he could have gotten over the silly things then they may have had a fun relationship but it would never have been excepted.

Draco is a jerk.
Absolutely not good together.

Eh Hermione and Draco wouldn't be the worst or the best so it just depends.

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Well, I like it...Remember Pride and Prejudice.

good (her) and bad (him)

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Um. Draco would never ever do anything to do with Hermione because he doesn't have brains. Draco calls her a mudblood. Hermoine punched her. Sorry, but I don't see any chemistry in that...

I really don't think so, maybe wood, but never draco, even so a muggle

I've read a lot of fanfiction with this pairing, and it seems like, inevitably, one or both of them ends up dying in the end. As much as my brain would like to put them together, the characters obviously seem to resist it.

emma watson and tom felton definitely..
hermoine and draco malfoy NO WAY........

Well, honestly I don't think it would work out too well. The two of them are just too different. Draco consistently insulted Hermione and made his distaste for her and her blood type very clear! And Hermione had to put up with this throughout the whole series! I believe that the relationship would crumble and would end up a total disaster!!!!

Ciara (last edited Oct 11, 2012 11:07AM ) Oct 11, 2012 11:06AM   0 votes
That match would be a little too far-fetched, I'm afraid.
He's called her a Mudblood, she's punched him in the face... I doubt very much they would get along, let alone love each other.

I definitely don't think Draco and Hermione would be good together the way that Draco was developed in the books. However I do feel strongly that Draco could have been developed way better. It was obvious that a lot of his taunting and horrible actions were in order to satisfy his father and that he was actually a good guy (e.g not killing dumbledore and not revealing Harry) and I think Rowling could have developed him as a character tormented by his father. If she perhaps fleshed his character out fully around the 4th or 5th book I think it may have been possible, but only after Ron and Hermione had a few years together (I really can't imagine Ron and Hermione lasting 19 years and both Ron and Harry marrying their highschool sweethearts, Harry I can believe but not Ron). So yeah, maybe, I think his character had so much potential as almost like a domestic violence victim who was trapped with no support to get out, but also trapped all his life which warped him a bit.

I think the pair would be good together. You get the sense that Draco wasn't who he projected to be ( at least not all the way). They suit eachother.

Sahar (last edited Jun 13, 2013 05:17PM ) Jun 13, 2013 05:13PM   -1 votes
Wow..what an anti-Dramione thread o.o
Quite frankly I believe a lot of people here are being a little closed-minded, and quite disrespectful to those who do ship Draco/Hermione.

"he insults her, she hates him, blah blah blah", yah, WE KNOW, but is the idea of 'people change' such a ridiculous notion in this case? Like Rowling mentioned, Draco's capable of redemption; who better to guide him there than our intelligent, Gryffindor princess? All it takes is a little creativity and great writing. It's not mission impossible. Sheesh.

You people have imaginations, don't you? USE IT!
And whether you like it or not, there ARE Draco/Hermione shippers out there and they're only growing, even after the series ended. You don't like it, FINE. But respect other people's opinions, please (that's right, I'm talking to you Romione shippers!).

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I know some people would say no that couple is awful he always insults her. However I think that couple would be cute because they can't be together. A bit like forbidden love because he is a Malfoy and they only marry into pureblood families. Also maybe he insults her because that is the only way he could talk to her. I mean sometimes people like other people but they don't know how to show it. Also the factor that they can't be together makes it cute in my perspective. I think Draco may have the whole bad boy exterior but on the inside he has a sweet side or something, which is why I think they would be cute. As in Hermione would bring the best side of him. I also think back to Snape and Lily as in they both in different houses and different types of families. I guess its just me but I love forbidden love I consider it cute. As in they fall in love and everyone around them is trying to stop it but they rise through and be together. This is why I wish she would have had Draco and Hermione together.

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