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Jax vs Marcus

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Halle Okay. So my friends and I cannot agree about Sadie's decision. I wanted to see what other people thought (to prove I'm right of course). I won't comment with my opinion until someone else does.

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Ria i thought both loved sadie, but jax just seemed way better. besides, marcus got low, so they're all happy.

M.J. Douglas jax
no question, hes a friggin rock star with a heart for gods sake

Cclem630 Umm... Is there a third option?? Personally, Cage York is my type of guy. But Sadie and Jax are better suited for each other, and Low is perfect for Marcus.

Marcela i agree Cclem630

Sabriena I like everyone that they've all ended up with. They're perfect balances.

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Laplumedelyla When I read Breathe I couldn't understand her decision. Marcus was so swoon worthy. He is my favorite character with Preston, well and Cage too lol.
Jax is so plain boring considering he is supposed to be a rock star. I wasn't a big fan of Sadie either so I guess they were suited for each other in that way.

Then I read Because of Low and I was so happy Marcus didn't end up with Sadie because Low was just perfect for him. And the best female character in the series.

Penelope Lee i love marcus :)

Kristin This should be Marcus or Woods. Poor guys always come in second. lol

Emily Olive I think Jax & Saddie are good together and Low & Marcus. And Cage & eva. And Preston & Amanda. Are cute together.

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