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Title of the book?

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Tanis What is the significance of the title? Does anyone have any ideas?

Angela I'm wondering that too! Has anyone got an answer? The cover is quite provocative, with an ax in the picture and the word "Touch" because you'd never think of those two things together--it gives you shivers. Was that the author's intention? The ax is central to the story. But "touch?" WHY??


I think the title literally refers to the following passage, when the grandfather is finally reunited with the grandmother:

"The light pulled at both of them, and I could see my grandfather stretching and fighting, until little more than the width of an ax blade separated my grandfather's two hands from my grandmother's one. And then the light thickened and blurred, leaving shadows and dark shapes so that all I could see was their hands, my grandfather's large and rough, reaching for my grandmother's mall, smooth fingers.

And then, they touched.

At that moment, my grandparents, joined again as one, seemed to rise in a magnificent burst of light, and I could hear the shattering of glass before the light blinked away into darkness."

Metaphorically, I think the title refers to how the two worlds described in the book - the natural and the supernatural - touch each other. JMO

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Katrina Stonoff ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

I've read the book three times. I can't stop thinking about it. And I have come to believe that the title is related to the theme.

I think touch (physical contact) -- represented in the book by two parallel images of hands outstretched to touch (one pair under the ice fail to make contact, and the other, Stephen's grandparents, clasp hands as Junot dies) -- is the symbol of our need to make contact with other humans. Even the most introverted hermit still has a need to touch and be touched.

In Touch (the novel), the method used to make contact is storytelling. As the family history stories are told and retold, each new generation is put in contact with those who came before.

That is, they touch. So to speak.

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