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HP actors VS Hunger games actors

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It has to be taken into consideration that before the Harry Potter movies, the actors in HP were just as, or more so unknown than the HG actors. Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson are pretty well known, but Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, and Emma Watson weren't.

Of course, now that the whole Harry Potter phenomenon has taken place, the actors of Harry Potter are mega-famous superstars, but back then they weren't. Maybe in due time the Hunger Games stars will achieve that level of fame.

On the topic of quality acting, I think Jennifer Lawrence was terrific, and so was Elizabeth Banks, but the other acting was lackluster. I thought the acting in Harry Potter was okay, with the standout of Alan Rickman. So all in all, I think the actors in the Harry Potter movies were better.

You asked whether they randomly cast the roles-- in HG, I read an article that said that they were dependent upon the brand name of the movie rather than actors' big names, so they did audition people and chose Jennifer Lawrence, a not very widely known actress. They knew that people would see the movie not for the actors, but for the movie itself, since it was the Hunger Games. For HP, there were definitely auditions as well.

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I thought that Harry Potter had overall better actors.. but both movies were wonderful, even if THG were a little gruesome.

I think Avani put it very well. To make a fair comparison you need to wait until all the HG movies are out! Sure HP had actors that were well-known before the HP roles, but so does HG. I mean, come on, Donald Sutherland, Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks? And Jennifer Lawrence, maybe though not as widely known, had received huge recognition for "Winter's Bone". And now with Catching Fire, you've got Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, joining the cast.
I think both the HP and the HG casts are amazing! HP might win in numbers though considering that there are simply more parts.

but the HG has well know actors to
Caesar Flickerman, Wesley Cook Bentley, Woody Harelson,
Lenny Kravitz (he is a singer but still counts), Donald Sutherland,Isabelle Fuhrman

honestly? both

I think that Daniel was really good in the last films, but we have to remember that in the first ones, he was still a kid, and considering that - he did a bloody good job. (*forest scene*)

Jennifer Lawrence has a lot more experience and is older and carried the role very well. I also like her because she has a good personality, and is one of those people who isnt afraid to laugh at themselves! :)

hmm i do think HP actors are far more popular because HP has been around for almost a decade now? Whereas HG has only gotten the limelight this year. so i might say it is not the right time to compare the fame of the actors just yet :D.

If you are saying about how well-known they were before..i can't really say much since i didn't pay attention to hollywood or UK movies until a couple of years back.

And also, am i the only one who thinks HP actors emoted more than actors in HG? i dont know.. i kinda didnt feel the fire within the actors when i was watching HG in the theatres whereas, i always thought HP actors were sooooo into character that i could never imagine them otherwise.

i just felt that the acting in HG was almost there.. but not there.. anyone agree??

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I can't really imagine any other actors playing the roles in either movie other than the ones that did it.

I think that jennifer lawrence did really well with the more emotional scenes which i think daniel radcliffe lacked a little although he was a lot better in the last three films but jennifer was just so emotional and connecting so i would have to say hunger games

I think the older HP actors (Rickman, Gambon, Smith et al) are a lot better than the older HG actors - but that is just becuase I prefer them as actors. In terms of ability I would say that the 'older' actors (so now including Tucci etc from HG) all have better acting ability than the children.

That said, I don't think the child actors in HP can match up to those in HG. Yes the HP actors were a lot younger and had a lot less acting experience (excpetion being Felton who had prior acting experience 'on the big screen') when they began. When the HG trilogy (though I hear that will be 4 films) ends then a fairer comparison might be able to be made over the acting abilites over all of the films in both series.

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