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Still some loose ends

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ღIsabellaღ The ending reminds me much of the ending for 'The Giver' in the sense that it's not clear what happens. Did Sam try to cure Grace? What about Isabel and Cole?

I feel like it shouldn't be left like that. Since this was a series and this was the last book -Which makes me sad:(- I thought there should've been more of a definate ending.

What is your opinion?

Faith I'll admit that ending wasn't my favourite. Um, I don't think Sam cured Grace. I know Cole was trying to find the cure but the samples left him sick and stuff so he never actually found something that worked. I think Sam and Grace realized that they may have a happy life as wolves. Because, what I remember is that they were leading the pack into the new area and Sam changed into a wolf to help and they were having fun. The ending definitely left a lot to the imagination but I think that maybe they are going to live with it or Cole will continue to be a mad scientist and find the cure.

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Sarah I think she was saying goodbye to a human life. That she would embrace the wolf to be with Sam.

Books for Badger Maggie Stiefvater just posted a video on youtube regarding the ending yesterday

Brinda I LOVED this book and miss Cole and Isabel.

Karissa She says in the video that like eventually Grace'll stay human, and that Grace might still go to college, and has to live before having more responsibilites, and that the other wolves like ave an island and a crazy ex-rock star and eventually he might call Isabel and they could have a non-crazy relationship

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Eleanor Kirby But what about Sam?!

sh(e)reader ... I feel like I am missing something, at the end of Linger, they were talking about how Sam's "cure" wasn't really a cure, because once they stopped shifting (stayed a wolf or stayed human) they only had about 10-15 years before the lack of shifting would kill them (the unknown wolf that died in Linger, Grace's sickness, the fact that the wolves only live about 15 years after they stop shifting). Yet this wasn't addressed again! I'm confused!

And why don't they just lock each other in a hot car on a sunny day instead of dealing with meningitis germs?

Books for Badger Casey wrote: "Faye wrote: "Maggie Stiefvater just posted a video on youtube regarding the ending yesterday"

Really? Could you post the link?"

sadia The end was kind of incomplete
I had to read it again to understand it
It didn't seem like the end
I really wanted to know what happened to cole and Isabel

Morgan I thought they were gonna infect her. That's what I got from it. I was a little sad that after three books and so much heartbreak, there wasn't a more definitive ending, but I just use my imagination to think of the best possible outcome. :) Still a GREAT trilogy.

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