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Stephen Aryan | 45 comments Mod
Deadline is week commencing 29th October. Post your comments about the book and this can contain spoilers. We will be discussing The Stars My Destination with a guest host, Laura Lam.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul (striderpaul) | 17 comments Just a quick comment, over half way through the book and starting to struggle a bit the story seems to be on a downward spiral. Hope it improves.

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Stephen Aryan | 45 comments Mod
It's the next book on my list. Hmm, well it's not a long book so hopefully it will improve and you'll manage to get through it!

message 4: by Nick (new)

Nick Roberts | 3 comments This book was a bit of a mixed bag for me - but overall I think I enjoyed it.
The main problem I had with the book is that the lead character is a total dick, a highly unpleasant individual with no redeeming qualities. Although the rape scene is never gone into in any detail I found it very difficult to get past and for me it hung over the book from there on in. I had the same problem with Stephen Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant books.

Bester’s galaxy does seem to be full of intergalactic tools and I can’t think of one likeable character we encounter in the whole of the book.

It’s the Sci Fi parts of the book that worked best for me and I was surprised to find out that it was written back in the 50’s – although it does feel like a series of interconnected short stories or serials tacked together rather that a coherent story narrative.
Many of the elements that Bester writes about I’ve seen/read filtered through into other more modern films/books, the film Jumper springs immediately to mind.

I came away from the book with a definite feeling of The Count of Monte Crysto in space with Phil Mitchell as the lead character.

So like I said a mixed back for me, I can see why it’s held up as a genre classic and you can kind of admire the book for its ideas, but there’s no excuse I can find for a character like Gulliver Foyle.

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul (striderpaul) | 17 comments Ok so another classic read and another disappointment, for me anyway. Is it something about my expectations? Have I been spoilt by modern day writers or is it when I read the so called classics they do not whisk me to the future but instead drag me back to the year it was written.
Now I must confess I listened to this book (unabridged) and as soon as I heard the voice of Gulliver Foyle I disliked him straight away. The thought of him stranded on some broken down spaceship was rather pleaseing, shame he hadnt stayed there. But the more I listened the more I liked the way the story was going. Being trapped in space, how did he get there? What was going to happen to him etc etc. By the time I got half way through the book I was struggling. Now he was on Earth and all the hopes of hearing about his survival in space had gone, instead it was like some sort of black and white film about the little guy having a go at the big guy and who's going to get the gal!
The science was very good, but as with a lot of the classic's they talk of futuristic things but leave the society unchanged. And I think thats why as good as the future is described you are dragged back to the day it was written because society has not advanced at all.
Enjoyed the first half of the book, was disappointed with the second half but I'm glad I read it.

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Stephen Aryan | 45 comments Mod
Thanks for the detailed feedback guys. I'm not reading them too closely yet as I'm still reading it! , but we appreciate you taking the time and will add these to the discussion.

message 7: by Paul (new)

Paul (striderpaul) | 17 comments I have just finished Redshirts by John Scalzi our previous book club author and I can highly recommend it.
Based on the adage of Redshirting in Star Trek it is a fun read with some great twists. As with OMW its a very easy read.
Ok I know its not about this months book but thought I'd share this with you.

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