The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies, #3) The Rise of Nine question

Am I the only one that HATES Sarah?
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I just finished Lorien Legacies 3 and, I don't know, I just never liked Sarah, she seemed fragile to me, even thought she took a turn in the rise of nine, I just still don't like her. I mean, she Betrayed John! So thus, I can't stand her! I always found six more appealing and strong willed.

She annoys me. Down with Sarah.

I don't see Sarah with John going to Lorien in a future. At the end, of course John has to come back to Lorien. I prefer John and Six, much better :)

I HATE SARAH, she is a backstabbing idiot!!! Even though she's clean now, I disliked her from the start... Wish John would just give up on her and go find flipping SAM, then be happy ever after with SIX!!!!!!!! UGHHH its not that complex!!

If there was no SARAH then everything would be perfectly fine!!!

(no offense to people who LIKE her, I personal don't)

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Aroara N i absolutly hate sarah she went and practaly stabed four in the back by calling the FBI. I think four should hook up with six ditch sarah forever. And ...more
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I don't hate Sarah, but I don't like her either. I just think we don't like her because everybody has superpowers around her, then she just don't dit in and are just in the way. I liked her very much in the movie though, but... The book comes first of course, and they have only made a movie about the first book, so... Who knows?

I prefer Six better, hihi.

im super pissed at her for betraying john in the first place then when she gets interrogated she desides to defend him and im "like what the fu*#"

It says in the rise of nine that sarah had no control over the whole turning number 4 in so she is cool all along and she really loves him

Oh GODS! I hate Sarah!

I don't like her but that's just personal after rise of nine there is no Real reson to hate her If I were him I would go with Six but I want her to go with Sam I say go with one of the garde ( by the way anyone know how to pronounce )
Let Sarah go she is …………

john and six seem to be perfect to each other, but sarah is always in the way! their relationship is too perfect, now that she isn't there with him, she is insignificant.

I love Sarah! Shes my favourite character! Everyone saying shes weak and annoying yet she fought in the end of the Rise of Nine even though John told her not to. Shes human and Sam is the exact same! If Sarah was allowed to fight she would just like sam. John is too protective! and she didnt betray john yet everyone keeps going on about it. I think john and sarah are the best together and people should give her a break!


I dont HATE Sarah (hate is a very strong word children!) but I don't necessarily LIKE her. She is toooo....'perfect'. You know, the perfect looks,size,personality,family and stuff like a girl would be in movies and chick-flicks. I guess she's just too un-realistic for me. And What she did to John is just AHHHHH. Ok, so MAYBE she didn't call the police, but who knows? She MIGHT'VE but she didn't want to get in trouble (because if people found out she did, then she's going to get herself a VERY pissed-off,heart-broken alien!)

P.S: Ra couldn't have disguised as Sarah when she turned four in. It said that Ra came to earth in the end of The Power Of Six, while the whole FBI thing happened somewhere in the middle

Sarah is only human so of course she looks weak in comparison to the Garde.

In the next book, I think she is going to backstab John again.

I didn't think she was that bad in the first book but I guess I assumed that her character would develop into someone a little more hardcore. Instead she's just irritating and whiny! To be honest, after meeting most of the other guarde, Four isn't my favorite character...his almost ridiculous obsession with Sarah really lowers him in my estimation.

I like the idea of Sam and Six, especially since Sam deserves her after all he's done to help the Loric.

As i read the serise this is what happed

book 1: sarah is a weak charater and baikly a wimp, but half way loveable

book 2: im going to kill her.....

book 3: im sorry for all the evil thoughts sarah, but you still a wimp, a little more badass-y when you fired the mog cannon but still a wimp. still half way loveable.

I just feel like Four and Sarah "fell in love" too fast and all they have is puppy love, so I like Four with Six better.

I didn't care for her in the first 2 books, but I am starting to like in The rise of nine..

@Abbigail... I disagree. I think Four needs to be stronger, rather than having a strong girlfriend.

Sarah's one little biotch. A little too perfect. Got Four all mussed up in the third book...SHE RUINED JOHN!!!

When I saw the movie I think it changed my perspective on her, I mean, I want to like her because I love Diana Argon...but I also don't really like her character in the book. Im kinda inbetween - I don't hate her but I don't like love her. It's not her fault she's totally helpless ;)

NO! I hate Sarah! Six and Four were MEANT for each other! >.< Sam is wonderful and everything, but I will seriously cry my eyes out if in the last book(s) he ends up with Six and then Four is with Sarah.
Sarah annoyed me a lot during the second book. Though I must say I was happy (really) when she betrayed him. Favorite part of the whole book. I just can't even imagine forcing myself to like the series anymore if Sarah does somehow 'redeem' herself.
So basically agree with everyone who is not a fan of Sarah. Her character never really got to me, she did appear fragile and was always in Four's thoughts....

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I never really liked Sarah; she was too innocent and sweet and soft to be thrust into a book with so much action. Even little Ella is stronger than her. John needs to get rid of her because not only is she not growing any stronger from this experience, she's dragging John down with her. All those times he could be training to fight or focusing on something more important, John is preoccupied with saving Sarah. Like when he could be saving Sam or finding the other Garde members, he pesters Nine about going to find her, even when his own race is so vitally crucial and Sam is a much more valuable ally and asset to the war. Really, I know John loves Sarah, but it might be time to move on, man. She's not doing you much good.

Despite this, I don't think you should all HATE her, there's really no solid evidence to blame John being captured by the FBI on her either. Are you saying she lied to him when he asked her if she did? She may be weak, but her love for John is true, and I doubt she was lying when she was scared to death at that point. What did she have to lie about?
(P.S. Are those novellas that go only with the series only available as e-books?)

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She's so damn ANNOYING

I don't hate Sarah, because she betrayed John. I hate her because I think she's a 2-dimensional character who doesn't do anything other than think about John.

Though she didn't really betray John, I still don't like her.

I didn't mind her in the first two books but she really annoyed me in this one. She's a liability, to say the least, and honestly, Four would be much better off without her.

What I don't get is how she could tell Six she would never betray Four and then immediately after say that she told the people who had tortured her everything she knew. I'm sorry, but that means betrayal in my humble opinion.

I said this so many times already, but I love reiterating.

Sarah and Six are too perfect for me to like them. Anything they do bad is immediately exempt and they are the perfect cliched princesses. Sarah the beautiful, sweet, kind princess and Six the gorgeous, edgy, badass warrior princess.

I prefer Seven, or Five since she has to be better.

i don't like her.

I agree she is not my favorite. Four would be better off without her.

um guys, it wasn't sarah who betrayed john. Setktus Ra turned into sarah....

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Jessica Sarah confirmed that she meet Four at the playground when she talk to Six. And Status Rar had not landed on earth at the time of the betrayal. I have ...more
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Jojo wrote: "I just finished Lorien Legacies 3 and, I don't know, I just never liked Sarah, she seemed fragile to me, even thought she took a turn in the rise of nine, I just still don't like her. I mean, she B..."

I don't really like her all that much either. She seems to be too much of a distraction for Four/John and is rather fragile and week. I would much rather prefer John to be with Six, as she is pretty awesome.

Sarah didn't actually betray Four. She was set-up. I don't hate Sarah per sey, I just don't like this book. It's chuck full of too stupid to live (TSTL) protagonists.

I hate Sarah, mostly because she's annoying and clingy. I hope John ditches her to be with Six in the next book. Aren't they going to back to Lorien sometime? Ditch her then,or before...

I'm happy that I'm not alone in hating her. lol

I liked her better in the first book when she gave John a stronger reason to fight. He had been born on Lorien, true, but he had never really had time to get super attached. Then when she betrayed John in the second book I got so mad and I though she was weak and shouldn't have given it. The latest book....I agree with Katrina, Six and him are the best together. She did help keep guard with a Mog cannon though.
I don't think the authors that wrote this book should have left off with Eight and Marina kissing and not seeing how it went after that! I know it makes a good book, but still....

I know!! i don't like Sara that much either. Four needs someone who is stronger.

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