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Stella got Holly to come to the hospital. the doctor looked at her wound. "10 stitches max" he said "the cut is deep though, so i will have to keep you here over night" he said 'in case you get a fever" he added.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Your all overreacting." she said waving her good arm in the air.
"I feel fine, maybe a bit light-headed but I told you I'm anaemic so it's a package deal." she sighed huffily perching herself on the bed. She wouldn't tell them that she actually felt quite hot, and really wanted something cool resting on her forehead. She was to stubborn for that.

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Eml | 2140 comments ((Laughs the girls are dropping like flies.))

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wanderer (chloemai) ((She stabbed herself in the arm. Silly girl. *Shakes head* :3))

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the doctor looked her over. he put a towel on her head. "no fooling me young lady" he said. he stitched her up faster than she could say ouch. he gave her pain meds, and left the room.

Stella watched Holly. "never scare me like that." she said

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wanderer (chloemai) Holly let out another string of curses despite how fast he was.
"It's not my fault, and it's just because I'm having an off day. I don't usually plan on stabbing myself." she said with humerous eyes, thankful that the doctor had given her something cool to place on her head.
"But I promise I'll try not to stab myself again if it'll make you happy." she said making her voice sound as if it would be a hardship to do so.

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Stella rolled her eyes. "don't sass me girl" she said. "now rest" she said sternly.

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wanderer (chloemai) Holly mimicked her action and rolled her eyes snuggling into the bed sheets She looked up at Stella.
"Thanks." she said simply before letting her heavy eyes close and drifted off into sleep.

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Stella went off. she cleaned off all the blood from Holly's room, and the went back to the hospital. she waited for Holly to wake.

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wanderer (chloemai) Holly slept for what seemed like forever. Tossing and turning restlessly in her sleep. Her eyes fluttered open and darted over to where Stella was.
"Hi." she said softly. Yawning but not attempting to sit up. Her arm was killing her and she winced as he moved slightly do she could face Stella.

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"i told you it was a bad wound" she said. "the doctor put some medication on it while you slept' she said

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wanderer (chloemai) "Mmm. I think I've decided I don't like stiches." she said looking at her arm.
"Would it be ok to wrap my forearm up in bandages, otherwise I'll probably pick at the wound."
She said, knowing all to well that she wouldn't be able to resist it.

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"sure" she said. she got the bandages and started to wrap Holly's arm carefully.

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wanderer (chloemai) "Thanks" she said thought gritted teeth as the bandages made contact with the cut.
"So are you gonna take me back to my room now. I really wanna finish that carving."
She said. Her mind was coming back to her brother. He had always liked the story of snow white when he was ill because of the seven dwarfs. That was why she had picked that story to base her carving around.

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"no" she said "you are staying here until i am sure you can not hurt yourself anymore. or at least when i am sure your stitches will not break" she said

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wanderer (chloemai) She rolled her eyes.
"Well can you bring my carving and my blade here then. I need to finish it today." her tone changed slightly into that of a serious one. She would feel as if she had failed her brother is she didn't perfect it.

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"not today Holly" she said "no need for you to get hurt"

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wanderer (chloemai) "I need to." she snapped. Sitting up and placing her feet on the floor. Her eyes now showed fierce determination as she took a few weak steps forward.

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"HOLLY!" said stella "you can't" she said holding the girls back.

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wanderer (chloemai) "If you don't get it for me, I'm going to get it myself."
She said taking another step. She was surprisingly strong for a small injured girl. Her firey temper was beginning to stir. I just NEED to finish it se thought. Can't Stella see that?

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"Holly, please" Stella said practically begging.

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wanderer (chloemai) "No." she said stubbornly. Pulling away and managing a feeble attempt at walking.
"Can't you see I need to finish it." she said frantically her hands beginning to shake again.

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the doctor came up "Holly" he said "lay down"

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wanderer (chloemai) "No." she screamed her temper coming to a boil.
"Im finishing that carving for my brother. And neither of you can stop me. I'll leave if I have to. I just need to finish it for him." her facial expression softened again, showing her true, sorrowful emotions.
"Please just let me do this." she was begging now, struggling to contain her tears.

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the doctor and stella looked at each other. the let her pass.

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wanderer (chloemai) Holly nodded to the both of them and slowly made her way back to her room. It wasn't that she was ill. Just tired and upset and a turmoil of every other emotion, and it was slowly draining her of the little energy she had. She arrived back at her room noticing that Stella must have cleaned it and made a side note to thank her later, and also apologise.

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Eml | 2140 comments Hayden wheeled Jamie into the hospital wing, and parked her wheel chair at the front door. He walked up to one of the nurses. "Excuse me nurse, could you please get Dr. Zomer, Jamie Terri is suffering from her concussion." He leaned in, "I'm concerned that she's having difficulty speaking."

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Eml | 2140 comments The nurse came over and helped Jamie onto a bed. "Just rest for a moment honey, Dr. Zomer will be here soon." She turned Hayden, "Please inform Mr. Glee, I'm sure he wants to know one of the selected is in the infirmary.”
Hayden simply nodded and left without saying goodbye to Jamie.

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Eml | 2140 comments (um, where is thomas?)

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Eml | 2140 comments Dr. Zomer was a thin young man with black hair combed neatly to the side. He had rectangular spectacles that usually fell to the edge of his nose. In his hand he carried a clipboard with several papers on it, which he flipped through quickly back and forth. He wore a simple white doctor’s coat, black dress pants, a white collared button down shirt, and a bright red tie. In short, his uniform was very formal. But, with his airy disposition, the doctor appeared to be playing dress up. He reached Jamie and did a jerky bow, then began balancing on the heels and toes of his feet, holding the clipboard behind his back.
“I’ve been told you had a bit of a fainting spill Miss Terri?” His voice was rather high pitched for a man; clearly more of a geek than a jock.

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Eml | 2140 comments The doctor's lips slid to the side of his face. He kind of rocked around as he looked over Jamie's file. "So, tell me, when do you first get your head injury? And how many times have you fainted since? ...I might add it would be to your best interest to tell the truth." He was a bit goofy, but his sweet face always told patients he was a very caring man.

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Eml | 2140 comments "A week ago?" He sounded surprised. "You hit your head on the floor correct?...And you are still having problems? That doesn't sound right." He trailed off paying closer attention to her file, staying still for once except occasionally nodding his head. "What medication are they giving you? The doctor who first saw you has terrible hand writing."

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Eml | 2140 comments He picked up the bottle on the table next to Jamie," my goodness, this is way too's probably slowing your recovery. I'm going to give you some anti nausea medicine and a pain relief. Only use the pain relief when you really need it. I want you to just take it easy. Don't play any sports, just relax. Go on the beach trip and enjoy yourself. If anyone causes you stress, you have my permission to tell them to leave you alone. You should be starting to feel better now and be without medication by the end of the month."

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Eml | 2140 comments "I am Dr. Zomer, you may call me Vin if you prefer." Just then Mr. Glee and.Hayden walked in.

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Eml | 2140 comments Despite having two doctorates by the time he was twenty, not to mention being a certified genius, there was something about Mr. Glee that made Vincent Zomer jump. "Oh, ah, hel...hello...mis...mister glee...uh sir." He cleared his throat, embarrassed for stuttering.

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Eml | 2140 comments "Lady Terri is doing much better, she just had a bit of a fall. She was given the wrong medication, but I've fixed that."

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Eml | 2140 comments Vin gave Hayden a polite nod and then quickly looked back at Jamie. Todd was a good looking boy, but there was something about the glint in his eye that made Dr. Zomer feel uneasy. Of Course, he told himself, it could just be a reaction from stuttering again. Vin had had problems stuttering almost his entire childhood. It took him a long time to get over it. He was disappointed an intimidating man could bring it back. Hayden was probably a very sweet kid. “Miss Terri, you look a little worn out. I’d like you to stay here just a little while longer so we can make sure you can walk. I’m going to give you an anti-nausea pill; let me know if that helps with the symptoms you have been feeling. If it doesn’t, we’ll try something else. It should take about twenty to thirty minutes to take full effect. I’ll leave you with Mr. Todd to watch over you.” He gave her the pill and a glass of water, then walked back to his office.

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Eml | 2140 comments "You don't like me, do you Terri?"

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Eml | 2140 comments Hayden nudged his shoulders, "I don't hate you. Hatred is very passionate. I could care less about you." He smiled at her.

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Eml | 2140 comments In response he just simply nodded thinking to himself,This one isn't too bright. He leaned against the wall pressing his lips together in deep thought. The baby sitting was way too boring for him. Hayden decided to break the silence, "So when did you start sleeping with Ryker?"

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Eml | 2140 comments REALLY slow. "You know..." Hayden wagged his eyebrows up and down and had a devilish grin on his face.

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Eml | 2140 comments "Look at your face!" He clutched his stomach in laughter, his curly hair bouncing. "Don't bother denying it, the whole staff is talking about how friendly you two are... Ryker gets all the girls; I never understand it. The guy is a total oaf.” Hayden wiped the tears from his eyes and leaned back against the wall, crossing his arms. Being amused suited his features, without the evil glint you could appreciate his beauty. It was like looking at a fallen angel; you know he’s dangerous, but you can’t help but stare. “You know, it's nothing to be ashamed about. Queen America slept around with the guards too."

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Eml | 2140 comments "whatever makes you feel better doll face...but don't you think it's strange? Haven't you noticed about Prince Aaron? I guess you wouldn't hear the rumors being just a selected."

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Eml | 2140 comments Hayden leaned in to Jamie, almost whispering directly in her ear.He spoke slowly and deeply; giving an air of mystery to his words."Think about our lovely Queen. She's beautiful right? With that red hair. Now think about King Maxon. He's a good looking guy. Nice blonde hair, brown eyes; kind of looks like summer.Now think about Aaron, with his brown hair and blue eyes. Not exactly like his mother. And he looks nothing like Maxon." He paused, like he was thinking about something. More likely it was for dramatic effect. "You know who he looks like? General Aspen. The leading commander of the army; also known as Queen America's first boyfriend."

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((woah, even i didn't see that coming))

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Eml | 2140 comments "Oh i'm sure Lady America told Maxon the prince is his. I don't think Aaron has a clue though. Doesn't even know aspen dated America."

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Eml | 2140 comments He shrugged his shoulders, leaning back against the wall. " doesn't matter if you believe me. You can't be as dumb as you sound, i'm sure you can think for yourself. Just keep this in mind. At the same time America was in the selection, Aspen got drafted as a gaurd. His post? Standing outside America's bedroom every night. Oh, and you should also know I know Aspen personally, seeing as he trained me himself."

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Eml | 2140 comments "It is strange though don't you think? At the very least it's something to think about." He straightened up, with perfect solider posture "I'll escortyou to your room. Todd held out his arm, "But you'll have to hold onto me as you walk, I don't want you hurting yourself."

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Eml | 2140 comments "You sure you're okay?" Hayden lightly held Jamie's opposite elbow of the arm not holding onto him. He searched her face for an answer, and for a moment there wasn't any malice in his voice or features; Jamie saw a glimpse of who he was three years ago.

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Eml | 2140 comments Quickly, Hayden cleared his throat trying to cover up his slip. He didn't know what came over him. There was just something about this girl that was innocent.
"Good. I don't want to have to carry you all the way back here ten minutes after we leave." He led her out.

(Uh Grand Hallway, or right to Jamie's room? Post in which one you want and I'll follow)

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