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Loons and Osprey talk and migrate

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Alan Both loons and osprey talk over great distances, but one much more than the other. The loon has two main cries, one mournful and one laughing, to human ear--they about cover the gamut of human emotion, though Kroodsma says the "laughing" or bubbling one is a distress call. Possibly, but it seems to be used in many situtations distress is not apparent. The talkative loons migrate only a hundred miles or so, down to the ocean in winter from inland lakes. On the other hand, the osprey--like the Dyfi, Wales, offspring, Ceulan--migrate 4000 miles to W Africa, the Gambia. This is at around three months old, having never gone more than 10 miles before. In-human instinct is. No parent accompanies. As I write in mid-September, Ceulan has made it back to the Africa coast (from the Sahara) with only four or five hundred miles left.

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