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New Author Of Fiction From Cyprus

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message 1: by Baret (new)

Baret Yacoubian (baretyacoubian) | 3 comments Check it out guys, my 2nd book now available worldwide: http://www.amazon.com/DREAMS-VISIONS-...

Details: An oscillation between the real and the surreal, the conscious and subconscious, navigated through a viscous maze.

This collection of excavated dreams and fantasies, bizarre descriptions of the daily and banal, is an interesting take on suppressed primal urges and the release of emotion in an uninhibited and sometimes unhinged way.

The stories swing between matter-of-fact truths, phallic escape and release, spirituality, identity and the simultaneous surrender and victory over how we perceive life through drama, comedy and satire. These fragments are interconnected with the sticky thread of a mind that is both reptilian and humanoid, both rational and deranged, both lucid and frenzied. And as each story is ingested you will realise that this common thread snakes its way through all of us, burrowing its way through and between our conscious and subconscious minds.

A collection of paradoxes both masculine and delicately whimsical this book unravels the fragile tangle between dream and reality as they journey, both as allies and adversaries, in this ruminative expedition.

message 2: by Colette (new)

Colette Ni (ColetteNiReamonnIoannidou) | 3 comments Baret,
Are you Armenian? Your name sounds so. All I can say is - I'll check out your book because if the content is as well written as the blurb you have here...then you are certainly a master craftsman with words. It's an old saying, but apt...way to go, man! Sounds totally fascinating!

Colette Ni Reamonn Ioannidou

message 3: by Baret (new)

Baret Yacoubian (baretyacoubian) | 3 comments Hey Colette,

Thanks for your interest. I remember your book cover from Harris's shelf and Moufflon too if I'm not mistaken. I don't know what version of my second book you'd prefer but if its Kindle, its best you get it off Amazon. If its paperback, you can get it directly through Harris and myself. These are the best price avenues for the two formats. Since yr a local and a co-worker, there's no point in me overcharging. ;)

message 4: by Baret (new)

Baret Yacoubian (baretyacoubian) | 3 comments Hi, my name's Baret Yacoubian and I'm a writer of fiction. I'm based on the Greek island of Cyprus and have published 2 books so far which have both recently become available online. My books are written in English and are unhinged and provocative. I've had a great deal of local success in Cyprus but now want to promote myself online and start selling globally. The books can be found here:


Nice to meet you guys. :)


message 5: by Christos (new)

Christos Tsiailis (christosrodoullatsiailis) | 19 comments Mod
hi Barret,
welcome to my group! I am so glad to have you here! I am sure we will meet one day if we haven't already and we don't know! I am also and author from Cyprus. Good luck with your books. i agree with Colette about your language, it is indeed promising and intriguing concerning the book! ;)
Kind Regards,
Christos Rodoulla Tsiailis

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