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Seibannah As a warning I have trouble getting into just plain Romance novels. I enjoy Paranormal Romance or more adventurous Romance novels, just not straight Romance novels. Other than that I am open to any other book

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Seibannah I will certainly give it a shot. Thank you for the suggestion!

The Window Seat Blog (TheWindowSeat) | 10 comments Hi! There's a paranormal series called the Mirror Warriors. Here's a link to the first book, Echoes of Time: I will be honest and admit my best friend wrote them :) But it is good. Feel free to check it out or not.

message 4: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Taber | 78 comments Hi, Seibannah! If you have interest in YA Fantasy, I'd love to have you review my book, Aerenden: The Child Returns:

Sorry I can't link it right now. For some reason, the book won't show up under Goodreads search right now. If you want more info, please feel free to PM me!

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Matthew McFarland (matthewwmcfarland) | 15 comments Hi Seibannah, can I interest you in my book?

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