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It's good! But you'll probably judge it based on the other two.

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Samantha The Escapist Soooooo I just finished fathomless, JUST finished. It's sitting behind me on the couch.

I don't know how I can compare it to Sisters Red as it is quite different from that and Sweetly.

The best I can do is say that it is different and it is good. I can't quantify its goodness in direct comparison to the others because it's a whole new tone of story. It doesn't have nearly as much plot, it's quite a bit shorter and in fact the breadth of the story seems almost juvenile next to the others but it gets its maturity from its sadness and I think it's a lovely novel even if it was a very very quick read.

I think everyone who feels disappointed by it (or who thinks they'll be disappointed by it) should read this unrelated blog post by another author (my favourite) to make sure they read this book and reflect on it with an open mind.


All of that being said I personally prefered Sweetly out of the trilogy and I did find the characters in this novel to be more shallow than those in the others but to be honest while the characters in all three books have been enjoyable and interesting, most of them have been on the shallow side. No one has been very well realized across the series in my opinion but I like these books for so many reasons that this criticism shrinks pretty easily while I'm reading them.

Mary i just started this. i never really liked the first two as the writing style was different in that it seemed plain. i liked sweetly compared to sisters red though and though i was afraid that fathomless also would be disappointing I'm happy to say that even though I'm only 50 pages in I am impressed. While the style is still simple, I feel as though Pearce grew in her writing and I feel as though the characters are real almost. I can empathize with Molly and I don't dislike Lo or Celia so far which is a first and since I've always adored the little mermaid i was excited to begin this. I really like how sad it seems-its a nice break-and i actually felt bad for the first boy who Lo killed. I just hope that there arent Fenris. I never really liked them and they seemed completely out of place with Sweetly.

Miranda Question, do you have to read the first two to get this one?

Bunnita (Worth Reading It?) M wrote: "Question, do you have to read the first two to get this one?"

No. I read Fathomless first and then went back and read Sweetly. There is a tie-in with Sweetly and Fathomless but it's really just a passing comment.

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