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Hybrid side:

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 1 comments Name: Zak Emberwing
Age: 17ish
Gender: Male
Hybrid side: Dragon
Appearance: http://img.ehowcdn.com/article-new/eh... + Ember wings and tail.
History: He was first seen at the age of 10. He had entered a town, because he was tired of running around, hiding from hunters. The first town he entered was a nightmare, because he didn't know how to hide his wings then. Now he can easily hide them.
Personality: Unlike an accual dragon, he is very kind. He hates to see blood. It makes him quesy. He also doesn't like being near dead things, accept when he was the one who hunted them, because they are more than likely rottened, and, since he has 'super' sences, the smell is nasty.
Secrets: He has a family curse that says when he gets angered, he will turn into a full blooded dragon, bloodthirsty. He also is weakened to a human plant, what the humans call, dragonfruit, he calls 'Drakonious Root'.
Other: N/A

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