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Here!! What do you want to do?

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Siblings or parent/kid or master/slave

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Thats fineee(:

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Thats fine.

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Hmm.. I don't care. You can pick what you want to be. I'm fine with anything.

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Ok. You or me first?

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Name: Luca McCarthy
Age: 15
Appearance: black hair, tan, 5'3"
Personality: To be rped
History: was a slave when he was 10

Name: Maddie
Age: 35
Appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes, white, 5'5"
Personality: to be rped
History: to be rped

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Coolio. You start or me?

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Luca looked around from the back of the market, wondering who would be his next master.

Maddie was drinking coffee.

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" L-Luca.." He stammered.

" What??" She called from the kitchen.

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" 5,000." The owner told her.
Luca looked at her.

Maddie nodded. " I made you a snack."

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The owner took the money and pocketed it. He opened the cage, and pulled Luca out.
Luca let him.

She passed him a couple cupcakes.

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He nodded, following her out.

She smiled. " Welcome. How much homework?"

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He got in it, and nodded as a thank you.

" So some after you finish your snack and some after dinner?"

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" 15." Luca simply answered.

" Do you want to order tonight?"

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" Yup." He sighed.

She nodded.

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He looked out his window. He never had been in this part of town before.

She finished her coffee.

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He got out.

She put her drink in the sink.

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He followed, looking around.

" It was fine. Your father called." She sighed.

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He waited.

" Launguage young man! He just wanted to tell me he's getting married in a few weeks.." She said looking down, because she still had some feelings for him.

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He followed.

Maddie left the room.

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" No Madame." He simply told her.

She went to her room and cried softy.

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He followed her.

She made herself stop crying. " What do you want Jayy?"

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He took his clothes off.

" Yes?"

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He had bruises scatter and a long scar right above his left thigh.

She closed her eyes tight.

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He winced very quietly when she went over a large bruise.

Maddie shook her head.

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He smiled softly.

Maddie shook her head.

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He got in quickly an quietly.

" I love you, too."

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He let her.

She closed her eyes, on her pillow.

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He closed his eyes, letting her still.

She fell asleep, even though it was 2 in the afternoon.

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( Okayy byee )

He looked at her.

She stayed asleep.

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He got up.

( Time skip? )

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He got out.

She slowly got up.

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He kissed her back.

She sat up.

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He dried himself.

She sighed.

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( Should ge get changed or...? )

" Nothing."

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He followed.

She smiled, " go do your homework."

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He stood at the door.

She nodded.

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He walked in.

She pointed to the door. " Go."

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He walked over to the bed and sat next to her.

She layed there.

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He sat there.

She sighed and went downstairs.

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He let her.

She came over.

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" Since I was 10." He told her.

She looked to see what he was doing.

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" Because my mom made me."

She kissed the top of his head.

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He just sat there, that was basically the story line, but not the whole.

" I love you, too." She said hugging him.

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He nodded.

She let him.

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( Kat Spider? )

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