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what do you love about it?
Nas Nas Sep 16, 2012 09:50AM
i loved this book sooooo much, seriously one of the best books i read this year, but what i want to know is what you loved about? scene, characters, quote? anyhting that you loved about this book.
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I love the complex-ness of the story. I love how your told two story's in one. I love how you feel actually feel what Taylor is going through and when all the loose ends are put together in the end. And how sad to learn wha really became of her mom and her dad. This is one of the few storys that has every made me cry for the character. THis is by far one of the best books I have every read. I just love all of Melina Marchettas writing period, she has a knack for creating worlds and awesome characters

Favorite Lines.
"If I fall, will you catch me?" I call out to him
He doesn't answer and begins to walk away. I feel myself slip. One leg first, the position so painful that i am perspiring like hell.
"Hey" I call out again. "Will you catch me?"
He turns around
"Catch yourself Taylor."


"You weren't there this week Ben," I say quietly.

"No, but they told me stuff and all I remember hearing was concern in their voices. And I remember something else. Hanging out with you and Raffy in year seven, skating around that Evangelical church car park. All those Christians were praising the Lord at the top of their voices and you stopped for a moment and asked us, ' Who do you believe in?' I wantedto be all mystical and Mr. Miyagi-like from the Karate Kid. Do you remember what Raffy said?"

Do I remember what Raffaela said in the car park of the Evangelical church?

"Who do I believe in?" Raffy repeated it as if it was the dumbest question she'd ever heard. "I believe in you, Taylor Markham."


"I remember asking 'What's the difference between a trip and a journey?' and my father said-"

She stops for a moment, to catch her breath. "He said, 'Narnie, my love, when we get there, you'll understand,' and that was the last thing he ever said.

So to finish this up.. I dub the BEST BOOK EVER..

the wittiness from taylor, ben's stupidity, raffy and santangelo and their history together below the surface but not really, and jonah's outward appearance but his character being not what you see. i love it all. but i loved the struggles that happen and are expressed in a real way not dissing it for being from a teenager but making it real; some people don't give teenagers' feelings credit because they may be emotional. i also loved how taylor struggled with insomnia and believing she was making things up. when you're sleep deprived the world loses some of its colour and i think taylor gets that. basically, i love how real this book is.

How much I felt like Taylor, personality wise. How much I fell in love with Jonah. How much I connected to Raffy, Santangelo, Ben... everyone, as my own friends.
The fabulous and unique way of writing, telling the story through Taylor and then her history and family through the manuscript by Hannah. I always got extra excited when I saw those italics, I knew I was in for a good time.

I loved the territory wars between the houses, cadets and the townies!That was my favorite concept of the book. I also loved the characters and the way they grow to love each other in the end.

when i first read this i was super confused but then when i got to a certin point i was like ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

Everything about it and every character. This is actually one of the best books I've ever read since I started reading. I don't know how to explain my feelings about this. I just LOVE it.

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