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Richard Sutton (richardsutton) I'm a Yank, writer of historical fiction and fantasy. My Grandmother was a Fleming whose family was from Cavan. The rest of my forebears were Scots and even a Brit or two. I'm an avid student of Celtic tradition, both pre and post Padraig in Ireland. Among my favorite authors are James Joyce, Morgan Llywellyn, Brendan O'Carroll, The McCourts, (Frank and Malachy) and Cormac McCarthy. My two books in the Gatekeepers series, The Red Gate (2009) and The Gatekeepers (2010) are set on a wild stretch of the Co. Mayo coastline where an isolated sheep farm clings to the rocks and protects its ancient secrets. The story begins in 1911 and so far, has run through the Civil War, but there will be more. I hope to find lots of discussion here among the readers and writers in the group. I'm currently reading The Kallevalla, Finland's epic poem which was an inspiration to Tolkien.
The Red Gate
The Gatekeepers

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Welcome to our group, Richard. It's a pleasure to have you as a member. I've already been reading some of your comments in other threads and I look forward to discussing more books and writers with you in the future.

Declan. :)

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Arthur Cola (ArthurCola) | 16 comments Welcome Richard. I too write historical fiction and fantasy.
Arthur Cola

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Richard Sutton (richardsutton) Arthur, what periods are you drawn to write about?

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