Saving Francesca Saving Francesca question

**SPOILERS** Do you think Francesca and Will are going to stay together for long?
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Frankie and Will forever?? According to me she was waaa..y too matured for him. He was indecisive to start with. And the whole long distance thing.. uh-hunh. I just don't see it working out for those two. What do you think?

Have you read the "Piper's Son" yet?
Francesca and Will aren't in focus all the time, but you will learn a few bits more about them and what has happend after "Saving Francesca"

Kill the Spare Oh my God yeah??.. Thanks thanks thanks!! :D Ok I'm downloading it right NOW!! Can't wait till I get to the store! ...more
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Taya :) I know that MUST-READ-NOW feeling
iBooks is a true lifesaver

hope you will enjoy the book

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no in the words of golda meir "don't be so humble you are not that great" (descirbing will)

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No, they won't. The relationship was so superficial and lacked any real feelings. They start off their 'likings' by hurting someone, as he cheated on his girlfriend with Francis. They didn't have one proper, real, deep conversation with each other. All they had was a tiny bit of chemistry and a lot of insta-love.

I think that they will brake up but I love to think that one day they'll be back together! <3

No, I do not think so, either. But the author seems to think so

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