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message 1: by Jaimey (new)

Jaimey (jaimeygrant) | 12 comments Hello! Can anyone recommend a good book on medieval falconry? Preferably nonfiction.


message 2: by Kevin (last edited Feb 05, 2009 10:38AM) (new)

Kevin | 109 comments I usually see descriptions of medieval falconry contained in part with other books that describe jobs in the medieval era.

Falconry didn't change much between the 12th-17th centuries.

Another suggestion is to look for a regular Falconry book. Good Falconry books will actually give you a much more detailed history of Falconry in the world.

If you're a history channel fiend, there was a series produced called the Worst Jobs in History. One of the videos covered the meat and bones basics of falconry during the medieval era. It might not have all the information you wanted, but it was a pretty basic job for the most part.

message 3: by Jaimey (new)

Jaimey (jaimeygrant) | 12 comments Thanx! Very helpful, Kevin...as usual. :o)

message 4: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 109 comments yw ^_^ You know unless you're doing a major report you can find some reliable falconry history and job descriptions online. If it is a major report then it's best to hit the library for this type of stuff, grab a few sources. But you probably know that already ;)

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