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Who killed Sutton?

i think she's still alive but in a comma or something and that is how she is able to follow em.

Erin OK, so I will tell you who killed Sutton (I finished the last book a few days ago) and (SPOILIERS, sweetie!) ETHAN killed Sutton and Nisha, also attem ...more
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I think that it's Ethan, because of the whole Nisha thing. He was also out that day when Nisha died, so he doesn't exactly have an alibi... I like the idea that Sutton's in a coma somewhere, not dead.

i think its Ethan because, why would he tell Emma not to look through his files in the 5th book, and maybe he lied to her abouth the whole mother thing. Nisha probably died because she knew infomation and was trying to get hold of Emma but it was too late. We will all find out on the 6th book Seven Mintues in Heaven... which is the book im on next im looking forward to it!!!

Sabrina Chan That's what I was thinking! ...more
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somebody kills sutton? what!!!!

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There will be a 6th and final book called Seven Minutes in Heaven. It's comes out in July I believe. I think Sutton is still alive somewhere. She maybe in a coma or is it possible that she is playing the ultimate lying game prank? I can't wait to read the last 2 books!!!

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I believe it is either Thayer or the dad that showed up.

Honestly, for me! i think the killer is no other that Ethan.
in Cross My Heart and Hope to Die, it kinda hinted things that Ethan knows about Sutton.

I don't think its Thayer, because from the flashbacks Sutton has gotten, he seemed like he loved her, and he didn't want her to get hurt or anything. I think it might be Ethan. PLOT TWIST. He might be just like, trying to keep Emma OFF the right track by "helping", you know? I'm a writer, so I like plot twists, even though I don't always see them coming. I'm trying to figure it out before Sara Shepard tells us. Honestly another plot twist would be if she wasn't dead at all, and like Sutton's friends are all just playing this horribly mean prank on Emma. Does anyone else have any ideas on plot twists?

I thought thayer too but now i dont know. Its way different than the shows,thats for sure..I def like the show more but im still reading the books..Reading the latest one next.

I really think its Ethan that killed sutton just because we know she played some prank on him that lost him a scholarship and he was with Sutton right after her friends pulled that prank on her. Plus he's like the only person Emma automatically assumes to be innocent

dont think it is ethan. i really hope it isnt coz that would be way to obvious!! i have always wondered about Charlottes dad, only bcoz he was the one that was there when Emma first arrived and he could have been checking up on her to see if she'd actually come. I dont know, gues we'll just have to wait and find out... if she'd hurry up and write the last one!! :)

I agree and I think Sutton may be in a coma or something.

i think your right that Sutton's in a common or something and the "killer" or whatever is hiding her in a different hospital out of town somewhat like that Reese Whitherspoon movie.

Honestly, I'm not sure who killed Sutton. At first, I thought it was Thayer, but then Emma discovered he was innocent. And now, we just have wait wonder if Emma's birth mother killed Sutton. Which actually, doesn't really make sense... because why would their birth mother kill her?

Does anyone think Cross My Heart, and Hope to Die will be the last book in the series?

PLL series has gotten kind of repetitive. Does anyone else feel like PLL has gotten repetitive?

thayer, i dont know why but just a guess

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