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Karma♥Bites ^.~ (karma_bites) | 215 comments Michelle wrote: "... What we didn't want to do was label this book as Erotica because even though the sexual scenes are intense, the entire premise of this book is about the emotions our female lead feels. ... If you took out all the intense love scenes, there would still be a very strong Drama story underneath. ..."

I haven't read the book so my questions are solely based on your post and the book's blurb. First, the above confused me. Are you implying that erotica does not address the emotions of the female (or male) character? I have read plenty of erotica which are as emotional (if not more) than "traditional" romances; the only major difference is the differing amount of sex scenes and how explicit they are (and therefore, I guess, the term "erotica").

Second, given the subject matter (I only skimmed but think a reviewer mentioned BDSM) and no pre-existing relationship, would it even be possible to have a story without the sex scenes? Especially if she was going from "virgin to courtesan in 10 nights" (btw, was this meant as a profession or skill level?)

P.S. Speaking of Harlequin, I hadn't read them in years so last year, borrowed one semi-jokingly as a "fluff read". Apparently (and thankfully), even some of Harlequin Presents have "modernized" a bit!

Karma♥Bites ^.~ (karma_bites) | 215 comments Hmmm, was hoping for a response. Had been on the fence about buying this book. Oh well.

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