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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (jaedia) | 3 comments Hi guys. I'm looking for good historical fiction set around the Kingmaker for my dad. He's started reading the Kingmaker's Daughter and isn't getting on with the writing style and I've been looking around for something he might prefer. Any recommendations would be a help! :)

message 2: by NayNay (new)

NayNay Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick is a hard one, most books are about his daughters, but here are two I know of....good luck.

Warwick the Kingmaker by Michael Hicks This book illuminates Warwick's character and motivation, showing that he was an emotional, charming, and popular man with a strong sense of family loyalty. It is the first full study of this compelling figure within the context of political life in late medieval England.

Richard III and His Rivals Magnates and their Motives in the Wars of the Roses by Michael Hicks Richard III is undoubtedly the dominant personality in this collection of essays, but not in his capacity as king of England. Richard was Duke of Gloucester far longer than he was king. For most of his career, he was a subject, not a monarch, the equal of the great nobility. He is seen here in the company of his fellows: Warwick the Kingmaker, Clarence, Northumberland, Somerset, Hastings a the Wydevilles. His relations with these rivals, all of whom submitted to him or were crushed, show him in different moods and from various vantage points.

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (jaedia) | 3 comments Books about his daughters would be fine, just looking for something he might enjoy a little more than Philippa Gregory.

message 4: by Gabriel (last edited Sep 16, 2012 10:00AM) (new)

Gabriel I had something earlier and deleted it. I was thinking Karen Miller's Kingmaker Series not Phillippa Gregory's book. =/ He should read Sharon Kay Penman. She is awesome and keeps a daily blog on goodreads about historical medieval events.

He could dive into some crusades Robyn Young orJack Whyteor Hood (King Raven, #1) by Stephen R. Lawhead by Stephen R. Lawhead

message 5: by NayNay (new)

NayNay The Reluctant Queen" by Jean Plaidy

The Sun in Splendour by Jean Plaidy

The Virgin Widow by Anne O'Brien

The Rose of York: Love & War by Sandra Worth

The Rose of York: Crown of Destiny by Sandra Worth

The Rose of York: Fall From Grace by Sandra Worth

The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman

Set Her On A Throne by Jan Wescott

We Speak No Treason: The Flowering of the Rose by Rosemary Hawley Jarman

We Speak No Treason: White Rose Turned to Blood by Rosemary Hawley Jarman

The Broken Sword: A Novel of the Reign of Richard III by Rhoda Edwards

Beggar Maid Queen by Maureen Peters

Heree's a few that come to mind, if you like some more I can search my books for others, this is a time period I myself love to read. I let you know Sandra Worth is a little more on the romance side of the story, your father may not care for that. Also if he would like some non-fiction about the Neville's, look at the author ALISON WEIR, excellent author....Philippa Gregory to me is just a fiction author who is long winded, and you lose interest quickly with some of her books. Her history facts are most times wrong, but she would do in a pinch if I had nothing else to read.

Here is a link on books about the WAR OF ROSES that may help you:


message 6: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (jaedia) | 3 comments Thanks both, I'll take a look a them all and see what he might like. He's not usually a reader so it'd be interesting to see him reading something.

And yeah, heard of Alison Weir, I have a couple of hers I haven't had chance to read yet. Philippa Gregory.. as you say, she's okay but her writing style is off. The way she skips over events rather than writing them into the story really ruins the flow.

message 7: by Moonyeen (new)

Moonyeen Blakey You could try my novel entitled "The Assassin's Wife" (by Moonyeen Blakey). It takes a very different look at the Kingmaker's daughter, Anne, from Philippa Gregory's version. As it's set in 15th century England during the Wars of the Roses, there's plenty of action for the men to enjoy. The assassin of the title, Miles Forrest, said to have been one of the murderers of the Princes in the Tower, has soldiered with the Kingmaker and is Richard III's henchman.
My novel is published by Fireship Press (2012) and is available from Amazon (hard copy and e-book edition)
I'd love to get feed-back on it. Regards, Moon.

message 8: by NayNay (new)

NayNay Moonyeen wrote: "You could try my novel entitled "The Assassin's Wife" (by Moonyeen Blakey). It takes a very different look at the Kingmaker's daughter, Anne, from Philippa Gregory's version. As it's set in 15th ce..."

Oh, I love anything history, but my favorite is Tudor Era, and I do like reading about the War of Roses. Your book sounds interesting, I am going to check it out thanks Moonyeen.

message 9: by Moonyeen (new)

Moonyeen Blakey I'm sure you'll enjoy the Wars of the Roses era if you enjoy the exploits of the Tudors!
Edward IV, King Henry VIII's grandfather led a very exciting life too...
I look forward to your comments.Moon.

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