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Amber I love 'Dexter' the show and I thought the book was ok but I havent met anyone who even finished the book

Kate I've read the first three books. I prefer the show.

I think it's because I like how the show isn't entirely first person - we get to see more than just the dark passenger or Dexter. It's a lot more detailed and scary.

Marianne I've read all the books but only seen one or two series of the show. I have enjoyed all the books but the show was great for giving me the picture and voice of Dexter and the other characters in my mind.

Amber @ marrianne

Thats cool

Dorothy I read the books, show is much better.

Kirby like the books but love the show.

Dorothy Kirby wrote: "like the books but love the show."

Me too. I even have a picture up here on my photos. Caption says Guilt is a Killer.

Kirby Sweetie wrote: "Kirby wrote: "like the books but love the show."

Me too. I even have a picture up here on my photos. Caption says Guilt is a Killer."

ha ha! awesome pic, I love it! :D

Elizabeth Reuter I don't think it's either/or. The show is more thoughtful and graphic, and the books are more into mystery. They almost feel like different series to me, so you can like them differently.

-Elizabeth Reuter
Author, The Demon of Renaissance Drive

Dorothy Elizabeth wrote: "I don't think it's either/or. The show is more thoughtful and graphic, and the books are more into mystery. They almost feel like different series to me, so you can like them differently.


Different series for sure, the books have their own appeal, I've not regretted reading and enjoyed 5 of them. I have been surprised by people saying they can't like a serial killer and it's too sick for them. Seems not quite genuine to me because they enjoy other horror and bloody action stories. Oh well to each his own. I enjoy Dexter.

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Zora It's a rare case where the tv show is much better than the books. 90% of why is Michael C. Hall. He was amazing in Six Feet Under, and he's amazing in this.

Amber Big fat AGREED. Micheal C. Hall is amazing.

Dorothy Amber wrote: "Big fat AGREED. Micheal C. Hall is amazing."

I agree,he is huge influence on success of show,.... his little devil smile, so cute to this old granny.

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Jeni I love the show so much that I've been hesitant to even try the books. Yes, I have Dexter premiere parties. SO? haha

Dorothy I have read the books, except for the latest. I saw the show first, which may have influenced me, but the books did not satisfy. A few things are different. I'm convinced it's Michael C. Hall's interpretation of Dexter that has me hooked. My family gifts me the cd set each season.

Andrea Oldenburg I prefer the show. The books are ok, some are better than others. I LOVE Dexter's intrernal converstations he has with himself, they are very funny, and I wish the show had a little more of that, though they do a good job.

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Michael Brown Both. After the first volume the show pretty much meanders away from the books and becomes its own entity in a way. Difficult not to repeat the obvious though - Michael C. Hall owns it.

Brooke Propson Didn't really enjoy the books, but love the show! The actors make the storyline so much better. Somehow a serial killer story is less creepy with the show?

7706julian i finished the book and i really like the show....... i think i like the show better though. actually a lot better

7706julian on second thoughts, the first book was really good, but the show was still a little bit better.

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I only read the first book and have only gotten to season 5 in the show and I like them both, the book was different but I found it to be a super quick read I think I had it done in two days, I really flew through it, but I thoroughly enjoy the show too!

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Luke Evans for this book, i prefer it to season 1. but for entirety of the series, the show is better. they deviate quite a bit though after the first book/season.

Donna The books are truly awful! Do not read them. Just watch the wonerful Michael C Hall and his faboulous 'f***ing' sister, Debs bring these characters to life. One of my all time favourite TV shows.

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P.A. Lupton Amber wrote: "I love 'Dexter' the show and I thought the book was ok but I havent met anyone who even finished the book"

I love Dexter the TV show but was just so so on the book. I found there was way too much narrative. When it's TV there are other things going on when he narrates to keep people interested. In the book, I'd find pages and pages of narrative and no dialogue. It gets boring.

Ericka Johnson I have been watching the show just started watched the first 2 episodes. I also read the first book. I don't hate either I just love Dexter book and movie. This is the first time I can say I love both just as much as the other.

Nicole This is one of the rare occasions where I prefer the show to the book.

Yzabel Ginsberg I saw the TV series first (seasons 1 to 4), and then wanted to read the books. So far, I really prefer the TV show. Granted, I was very likely influenced by it in my potential enjoyment of the book, but I think the latter's defects would still have been a problem for me, even hadn't I viewed the series.

Kynthia Amber wrote: "I love 'Dexter' the show and I thought the book was ok but I havent met anyone who even finished the book"

I finished the first four books and loved them. The author shows hilarious word play and his stories and characters are a bit different then the shows. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the Dexter books.

Nicole I stopped reading the books after book 4. I was marathoning the books and show at the same time and they stopped following each other's story lines so I started finding it confusing. After finishing the show, I wish I kept reading the books instead. I really liked the books before I started watching the show and the show ended up just being a big disappointment.

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I read the first book, and I really hated the route the author decided to take. If I'm perfectly honest, I love the idea of a serial killer who only kills killers; it's unlike anything I've ever read before. Plus, his psychopathic narration is some of the best I've ever come across.

(view spoiler)

Reading the book and disliking it as much as I did makes me not want to watch the show. Do you think I should give it a shot?

Nicole If you disliked the book as much as you say you did, you shouldn't watch the show. The first book and first season of the show are very similar. The story lines change directions but they kind of have the same premise. I think the show ends up becoming more unrealistic and campy.

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Angie I watched the show first so when I finally read the books it just wasn't the same. I ended up liking the show more

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Michael Brown Natalie wrote: " I love the idea of a serial killer who only kills killers; it's unlike anything I've ever re..."

You should read Bradley Denton's novel Blackburn. He's similarly inclined, disposing of scum. My copy had the strap-line: "He kills people. You'll like him."

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Angie Natalie I'd say you should give the show a chance. I was hooked from the first episode. Michael c. Hall really brings Dexter to life. Rita' s kids are shown different on screen as well, I don't know how it would of worked if her kids were killers.

Season 2 is good because it deals with all Dexter s kills being found. All the way through I was like, he's found out now, he has to be! So yes definatly give the show a chance.

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Michael wrote: You should read Bradley Denton's novel Blackburn. He's similarly inclined, dispos..."

I'll take a look. Thanks for the recommendation.

Mirkat Show. I read the first book after having watched all of the seasons of the show, minus the current one (I don't have cable so have to wait for DVDs). Initially, I was enjoying the book as a somewhat different version of the first season, but ultimately I was disappointed. The show has so much more depth and complexity, both with the plotting and the characterization.

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Angie The books are definitely on the weird side aren't they. What did you think you think of what happened to Doakes in the books?

Arturo The TV show is definitely better. I think its all thanks to Michael C. Hall stunning talent at portraying Dexter.
In recent seasons also, Jennifer Carpenter as Debra has grasped her character with a vengeance and elevated the whole series to a new level. Artistically, I think the tv show is a more sound and deep artwork than the book.

Stephen Like many of the folks in this thread I have read several of the books and like the television series better than the books. And yes, Michael C. Hall does a brilliant job of bringing Dexter to life but I'm a bit surprised that folks in this thread (particularly those who are avid readers) have failed to mention the others.

Television, like theater, is a collaborative effort and many many people contribute to making what we see. Yes, it's easy and justifiable to credit the actors but let's not forget the others, particularly the writers: Jeff Lindsay,James Manos Jr.,Scott Buck, Tim Schlattmann,Lauren Gussis,Karen Campbell
Jennifer Yale,Melissa Rosenberg,Scott Reynolds,Wendy West,Manny Coto,Daniel Cerone,Jace Richdale,Clyde Phillips,Kevin Maynard,Charles Aglee,Arika Lisanne Mittman,Drew Z. Greenberg,Chip Johannessen

For years I've riled folks by stating that Shakespeare was not the world's greatest writer, but when allowed to explain myself I am generally able to convince a good number that he was a great collaborative producer. He started with story-lines and characters that often-times been developed by others, used actors to bring his creations to the stage and only later were published versions of his works printed in books. In his case we'll never know just where he got his best material.

I contend that it's the same with Jeff Lindsey's work here. If the books had been published only after they'd been produced as television shows and only one name appeared as the author, we'd be giving Jeff Lindsey the same type of kudos.

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Angie The Dexter books were snapped up and made into the show straight away weren't they? I think that's how I found out about the show. I've got 5 of the books and I love Dexter is delicious. I also like what happens to Doakes in the books as well.

But the show has its good points to. Debrah is brilliant and having Harry in each episode works really well. But I think that it would be difficult for the show to have some of his story lines, even though it's about a serial killer. I do love how weirdly strange the books are, different but I love both versions.

Nichole I've only read one of the books (this one), but I definitely prefer the show. I feel the show is more evolved around the characters than this book is, which is a plus, for me. I'm sure if there was a series of Dexter series that the show was more accurately based on (like how True BLood is quite accurately based off Sookie Stackhouse books), the books could be way more interested as they would've evolved through all 8 seasons. Getting the written word on what goes through Dexter's mind is what would've made the books just a smidge better. But otherwise, that's not the case, and the show trumps the book.

And it needs to come back!

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Angie I didn't want it to end either, but getting 8 runs isn't half bad for any show!

Mirkat I found the book (I've only read the first) deeply disappointing (to use the same kind of alliteration we keep getting slammed with in the book!). The TV series is just so much richer, thanks to the writing team, the actors, and the production. I just expected much more than what the book delivered.

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Aann While The show was better, hands down.

Mallory Maitland I prefer both as equals. Separating them from each other helps to appreciate both. I have seen the first five seasons (I think) of the show and have loved almost each episode. The suspense of the story line is great and the characters are well written. The book is good also because the story line is unique from the show and the book Dexter is having a much different adventure so it's like getting a double dose. Also I enjoy the subtle supernatural element in the books.

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Replicant Rachel season one of the show is the most intense,and the best, season 2 is also very close to it,the rest of the show loses that edge,but i'm still watching it and i'm determined to finish all the way til the end!! I love Dexter i can't help it :p

but the books,i haven't read them,but i read the reviews and comments and synopsis for each one and it seems like the books are much different from the shows,but the producers did a fine job of picking the important events from them and making them so successful,so i don't think there should be a comparison or a choice, but if you really want to delve into the mind of Dexter,read the books, if you just want the story and you're curious about the series as a whole,see the show/OR DO BOTH..either ways,it's all about what you're comfortable with...

Julia Phillips Unlike many others here, I read the books before the TV series was made - or at least, the books that had been published by then. I have always enjoyed the books and continued to buy them and read alongside the TV series. One book went off the rails a bit (in my opinion) but on the whole, I enjoyed the books as much as the TV series, just in a different way.

Certainly the characters are very different - Rita and Deb both vary significantly between their print and TV selves, not to mention Brian of course and the different direction taken with Aster and Cody.

In summary - I always loved the books and thought the adaption into a TV series was one of the best I have ever seen. I have all eight seasons on DVD - yes, I am a fan!

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Alex I love both the books and the show. I like the fact that the stories are different after the first book/season so I feel as if I am getting more Dexter stories than just the series or just the books would give alone.

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Angie What do you think of Doakes character in the books Julia? I loved him in the books, he's taken in a completely different way. But he's stillborn Dexter! Lundy is good in the books as well, how much do you think he knows or guesses about Dexter s character?

Julia Phillips I agree with you Alex - it was like Double Dexter having the books and TV series heading off in different directions.

I think Doakes was excellent in the books Angie - especially where Dexter set him up with Dr Danco. Doakes knew he was being played, but it was so masterful that he stepped right into it.

I'm not sure about Lundy - I'll think about that one!

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