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TJoseph Browder (TJosephBrowder) | 19 comments I've recently been peddling my wares trying to drum up some reviews for my short story collection 'Dark Matters,' both here, and over at

I recently received this great review:

4.0 out of 5 stars

Excellent horror/sci-fi short story collection

September 15, 2012



"Dark Matters", apparently the only work published so far by T. Joseph Browder, is a short (144 pages) indie-pubished collection of the author's short stories. They range from flat out horror (one of my favorites, The Visitor, was a modern vampire story) to science fiction (Hammerfall, After Hammerfall), to fantasy (Toby, another favorite). Most of these are in the 10-12 page range, in my opinion, a tough length to write in. These stories don't read or feel like the work of a beginner. They are polished, cleanly written, clear and concise. They are also interesting and (sometimes intentionally) funny. While vampires and shapeshifters have been written about endlessly, Browder adds his own interesting and original contributions to their mythos. Some of his stories are also, in a Stephen King-like fashion, not overtly supernatural or science fiction based, but simply about regular people, some nicer than others.

I fear that the title of this very tasty but all-too-short anthology, "Dark Matters", may be confused with a novel with a similar title by Peter Straub, "A Dark Matter". While both contain elements of horror, Straub's novel was a confused mess while Browder's short story collection is a gem. How unlikely that the veteran novelist should be bested (and folks, truly, it's not even a contest) by a novice independent author in the small arena of fiction whose titles contains the words, "Dark Matter". More, please, Mr. Browder! This was a very fast and fun read.

Highly recommended


The review can be found at:

My Goodreads author blog will tell you how I did this.


I am still accepting requests for review copies of the book. If you're interested, message me with your preferred format (Word, PDF, or MOBI) and I'll send it to you.

message 2: by Werner (new)

Werner | 1807 comments TJoseph, are you still offering this collection free to reviewers? I don't have the time to take a review copy myself (and prefer paper review copies anyway); but some other group members might, if it's still available.

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