Delusion in Death (In Death, #35) Delusion in Death question

Has anyone read Delusion yet?
Lesley Lesley Sep 15, 2012 08:52PM
I finished it yesterday. Loved it Delusion in Death (In Death, #35) by J.D. Robb

My sister and I run to the bookstore to get the newest tale of Eve and Roarke. I agree that relationships deepen and Eve is more trusting. I didn't feel the crime part was that gripping, despite the horror of mass murder.

I would love to read about the in-between years of Eve and how she came to be a cop. What was her life like after foster homes, in college, at the academy.

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Sharon I totally agree with you
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I liked it better than the last 10 or so. I'm getting really sick of the Eve worship, and this one skips it nicely, so it was pleasant to read. Reminiscent of the earlier books in the series, but still moves the characters along.

I loved the newest book! And I don't think they are all the same as Charo wrote...The characters are the same characters, but these grow and change over the course of all the books, they do not remain stale and stagnant like in the Sookie Books or the Stephanie Plum series. The mystery is always good with a few twists you don't see coming. Loved it!

I became addicted to the "in Death" series. I have read every single book published and I am eagerly awaiting "Thankless in death."
Eve is so real, she is driven and yet in each book she heals a bit more. And now we know how Roarke suffered and how she is healing him.
Did anyone else realize there are three muderers living in that house?
Does this somehow tweak what is right and what is wrong?

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I enjoyed it. Yes there is more of the same but the development of the relationships among the characters is what I liked best.Eve is making peace with her past and it is obvious that her relationship with Mira is like a mother/daughter and it is enriching the lives of both. Her friendship with Pebody deepens and there is even a step foward with Somerset!And Rourke is a rock,eve's partner in everything.

Finished today: love bad-ass LT Dallas & her smart-ass crew & this kick-ass series. Am I being an ass for saying ass so much? Sorry, but J.D. Robb (who's also an awesome-ass author) does like to use "any"-ass phrase in her IN DEATH series a lot too. Which is fine by me, if only we women admirers could catch a glimpse, as Peabody always wishes, of Roarke's fine you-know-what ^_~

i have read every book in this series except the brand new one........have read all of sue graftons alphabet series.....and have read all of john sanfords lucas davenport series and the virgil flowers series....and all of janet evanovichs stephanie plum series.....

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It did not disappoint....she hasn't in 35 full length novels and I really can not say that about ANY other series I read that is over 10 books long....

I just finished ,though a good book not quite as good as some of the others .The wife said it is her in-between book . She one coming out in 2013

Finished it a couple of days ago. Loved it. I adore the relationships in the series and how they grow; how Eve keeps picking up more and more friends in her life despite her decidedly anti-social tendencies. And Roarke is just yummy.... ;)

I'm addicted to the series so I'll read them all but this one is definitely an extraordinarily plotted story.

I think its one of her best; I love Eve's relationship with Mira and how far she has come with Sommerset.

I guess I should have said, Killers?
One killed her violent murderous father,(patricide)and by doing so saved her own life.
One killed Roarke's father, in so doing saved Roarke's life.
And of course Roarke who meeted out justice by killing the unpunished murderer's of Somerset's daughter.
Three in living in one house, loving and caring for each other and those they share their lives with.

I have just finished it. A bit more of the same .... I guess this is what happens with a series this long :-(

Got 3 more chapters to go, but I'm enjoying it. I think this is going to be a "re-read." Sure, it's not on the level of "Trechery" but it's a really good book and I think I'm going to have to read it a couple more times before I "get it."

Some of the books are great, some are good, some are "meh.." while others are "are you KIDDING ME??? SERIOUSLY???"

This one's good.

I love that she was actually able to TALK to Summerset in this one, but then at the end you know it went right back to normal!

This series is one of the very few that I enjoy each and every book. It's also one of the few that I will buy and not get from the library because I can't wait to read it. "Delusion" was good, not as good as some in the series, but better than others.

Loved it! Can't wait for the next one :)

Oh yes, I can't wait until these books come out.

I can say this wasn't one of my top choices, but I still enjoy reading these books.

I loved it, but I adore Nora Roberts/J.D Robb anyway
:-) If I was brave enough, or strong enough (stupid?)I would steal Roarke from Eve. I love him!

Yes, and I loved it! I haven't read many of her books written as Nora Roberts, but I wouldn't miss the Eve Dallas series. Eve and Roarke are a dynamic couple, and this book has a unique and timely plot.

finished about ten days ago.....a good read as are all of the eve/roarke books.......have read them all

I loved this book and at the same time it creeped me out a little.
I loved it because the author always keeps the relationships between all of the characters growing.
And it creeped me out b/c in this day and age (i hate to say it) I can see someone doing something like this.

Lesley wrote: "I finished it yesterday. Loved itDelusion in Death (In Death, #35) by J.D. Robb"

Me too!

Well, I've read it. Nora Roberts seems to be loosing her touch. The Eve-Roarke relationships stopped developing. The bad guys are almost ridiculous in their "badness". I have all In-death books, but decided to donate this one to our town library. Maybe somebody will enjoy it.

I really enjoyed this one. I've read every book in the series and I enjoy hearing about her personal relationships as much as the case she is working.

I would agree that I would try to steal Roarke too if I could.

My friend and I talk about who could play their roles in a movie.

Any suggestions? :)

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