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message 1: by P.M. (new)

P.M. Richter (pamelarichter) | 77 comments The Necromancer by P.M. Richter

Free Sept 15 & 16th

Here's the link to get it:

Hope all will enjoy,

message 2: by Kim (new)

Kim (mimig) | 1 comments Thank you!! :)

message 3: by P.M. (new)

P.M. Richter (pamelarichter) | 77 comments You're welcome Kim. Have fun reading!

message 4: by P.M. (new)

P.M. Richter (pamelarichter) | 77 comments Hi Cyn. I got the original picture at Istockphoto. Couldn't believe it when I saw it. When you read the book you'll understand. (Tall black haired woman, holding a magic crystal, under a full moon, for the wiccan ceremonies, going through a doorway, to show the changes she goes through. It was Perfect!)

Then I added the graphics, resized to book size, because it was square, and added the smoke around it.

Hope you enjoy.

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