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Is it fair that Percy remembered?
Emily Emily Sep 15, 2012 05:23PM
Do you think that it's fair that Percy remembered Annabeth, but Jason didn't remember a thing? I'm glad that he did, but I think that Jason deserved to remember Reyna or something. Also, I do not find it fair that Percy retrieved his memory and Jason still has no idea who he is! I know that Percy is the main dude and everything would be messed up if he didn't get it back, but still. Your thoughts?

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I'm glad that Jason didn't get his memory back, because I felt like that if he did, then we'd be overwhelmed trying to learn the life stories of EVERY SINGLE NEW CHARACTER in these books. it'd be appropriate for him to get a better sense of his past in MOA or to just regain his memory completely, but I don't think it should have been in the other two books.

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I love Jason and Percy, but I agree. Jason is lost and he really needs something from his past. The only thing he got was Thalia. But I could do without him remembering Reyna.. I <3 Piper and Jason

I think that because Percy got his memory back is why the whole story is continuing, because without it, he and the roman camp wouldn't have known about the greek coming and he wouldn't know about Jason being at the camp. It was a good part in the story, that added suspense to the rest of the book.

true about Percy remembering Annabeth, but Reyna didn't know Jason as long as Percy knew Annabeth, so they wouldn't get together as fast.
their feelings wouldn't be as strong either, because they weren't through as much as percybeth.

Weell, Percy did drink the gorgon blood. So there was really nothing Hera could do to keep him from getting all his memories back. Plus, if Jason remembered the location of Camp Jupiter it would've messed up Hera's master plan. And Jason didn't have a super powerful healing potion/gorgon blood...

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I think so...Percy did drink the gorgon blood, so that. must've done something, and he woke up alone, with only a vague memory of Annabeth (*major fan girl moment*). At least Jason had Leo and Piper...also, wasn't SON based a few months after TLH? So wouldn't Jason have regained some memories while SON was taking place?

I think that Juno let him remember what she wanted him to remember. Isn't that what happened? Maybe she didn't want Jason to remember anything. This makes a little bit of sense, considering he was praetor of the Roman camp so he probably knew that the Greeks were considered enemies, and he wouldn't have worked well with them if he knew that they were supposed to be his rivals. Percy may have only remembered Annabeth to have motivation, so that the want to see his girlfriend again would keep him going. Maybe that was how it worked.

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I basically just restated what was already perfectly well said...*facepalm*

It adds relationship tension a bit, and it's also Hera's design. She probably dislikes Jason more than Percy, so Jason doesn't get all his memories back.

Jason remembered Thalia, he just didn't know where from. Which makes sense, because he hadn't seen her since he was 2. And I'm willing to bet Jason was getting his memory back during SoN

I thought the same thing when I was reading the book. Why should Percy get his memory back and not Jason. We already know everything about Percy I want to learn more about Jason.

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er, i think it was. you have to remembered than when percy woke up, he woke up alone, and had to go through lupa's tough test in order to get to the roman camp. he needed something to drive him so that he wouldn't give up. jason on the other hand woke up with piper and leo, who thanks to the mist, immediately accepted him, and were willing to help to him. plus, jason didn't need to go through any tough test to get to CHB.also, jason did remember thalia's face (honestly i don't get how that happened since he was only 2 when he last saw her but oh well...)
so, thats just my thoughts...

oh also, with respect to percy getting his memory back before jason, thats not completely true, TLH was based months before SON, so during the months between, jason was suppose to get his most of his memories back.unfortunately DD didn't really focus on that aspect. also, remember hera/juno had told percy that he had been slumbering for a couple of mths? and also, at the end of SON, the Argo 2 was already sited, so percy actually did need to get his memories back faster because the the greeks (and the single roman) were already there...

Leah Oh sorry! Easy mistake... I was getting confused because he ate a stapler when he was two, I don't know where I got three... ...more
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deleted user no problem, the age thing was a bit confusing :)
Sep 27, 2012 04:11PM

Ok, Rick Riordan just posted on his blog the complete Twitter q&a. And someone asked,
"Why did Percy remember Annabeth?"
He said, "I think it was too strong a memory to erase fully,"
So, that's why Percy remembered Annabeth. Rick is the boss.
Second, not many people remember that Jason regained part of his memory at the end of The Lost Hero. He was remembering the names of his friends back at Camp Jupiter. So we probably just didn't see all his memories coming back, like we did with Percy. Plus, Percy drank the Gorgon blood, which helped.

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