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message 1: by jamie ellen (new)

jamie ellen (jellen525) ok, now we just have to wait for her to come and tell us whats wrong

message 2: by ♥ Kacy ♥ (new)

♥ Kacy ♥ wait somethings wrong?

message 3: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm haha okay so pretty much i have these "friends" that i thought were my bff's but then they started to tease me and call me names and make everything be my fault and well i have alot of problems at home and they keep pressing me till i cn't take it any longer, i finally left the group but they keep talking about me behind my bck and creeping in on my friends! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?

message 4: by ♥ Kacy ♥ (new)

♥ Kacy ♥ u should cool down find new ppl 2 hang with! like me lol well im not new but still

message 5: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm i already hang with you and always will!! But i want to know what i should do when they talk about me and say mean things to ppl that i've known longer then them!

message 6: by ♥ Kacy ♥ (new)

♥ Kacy ♥ lol dont let it get 2 u

message 7: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm i guess but i kinda still does its still fresh hurt

message 8: by ♥ Kacy ♥ (new)

♥ Kacy ♥ i know it does but u'll just grow stronger!

message 9: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm haha yea vry true!!

message 10: by ♥ Kacy ♥ (new)

♥ Kacy ♥ exactly u'll learn 2 protect ur heart

message 11: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm yea i have for the most part

message 12: by ♥ Kacy ♥ (new)

♥ Kacy ♥ i'll help if i can?

message 13: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm thnx ^_^

message 14: by ♥ Kacy ♥ (new)

♥ Kacy ♥ =)

message 15: by jamie ellen (new)

jamie ellen (jellen525) i think that you should just sit with us (emliy, me, joe, lauren, randy) and we can spread out so they can't sit with us, or you could get other friends to fill those seats. we'll plan a party!

message 16: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm HELLZ YEA (sry if hell isn't allowed around you jamie)

message 17: by jacob (new)

jacob dahl-buffington (imsoftly) | 34 comments i have no idea

message 18: by ♥ Kacy ♥ (new)

♥ Kacy ♥ lol haah =)

message 19: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) Jamie wrote: "i think that you should just sit with us (emliy, me, joe, lauren, randy) and we can spread out so they can't sit with us, or you could get other friends to fill those seats. we'll plan a party!"

wow jaim. way to spell my name wrong :( lol jk and yeah Hil deff we have plenty of room.

message 20: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm haha yea!!! :)

message 21: by ♥ Kacy ♥ (new)

♥ Kacy ♥ haha lol u guys r so welcoming! if u had my lunch i'd sit with u but i cant =(

message 22: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) :) love ya!

message 23: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm aww we love you!!! *hugs* *kisses*

message 24: by jamie ellen (new)

jamie ellen (jellen525) sorry, emily. hell is allowed. lol.

yay!!! party!

message 25: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm okay good!! ^_^ wanted to be careful!! What kinda party?? Actually dn't tell me here tell me on e-mail!

message 26: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) lol fine just leave me outta this whole party scheme :P

message 27: by jamie ellen (new)

jamie ellen (jellen525) ok!

message 28: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) ...........

message 29: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm we totally will (hehe)

message 30: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) ...

message 31: by ♥ Kacy ♥ (new)

♥ Kacy ♥ lol =D

message 32: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥EMILY♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

message 33: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) yeah, uh huh. lol jk love ya too

message 34: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm ^_^

message 35: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) ^.^

message 36: by jamie ellen (new)

jamie ellen (jellen525) :P

message 37: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm XP

message 38: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) x]

message 39: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm haha -{0}.{0}- (NERD face)

message 40: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) \m/(>.<)\m/ (rockstar!)

message 41: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm 8^.^8 (curly haired grl)

message 42: by Emily (last edited Feb 05, 2009 07:51PM) (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx)

(| (|
('.' )
( . )o

(failed attempt at a bunny :) )

message 43: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm Jamie i have another nickname i totally forgot that i was called i'm called pretty girlie... idk

message 44: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) uhmm ok?

message 45: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm dn't ask she just started calling me that and nice bunny I WARN YOU KNOW its going to be a sexually figure (===8 (penis)

message 46: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) lol of course you'd put that lol jk love ya!

message 47: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm haha i no i would

message 48: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) :P

message 49: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm Hey whats wrong?!? Your status.....

message 50: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilyamazingxx) oh i was pissed off at my dad...still am..but i'm ok for now

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